Missionary Adventures

Missionaries have great adventures.


My husband and I served
in Honduran mountain villages
during three short term mission trips.

 This doesn't mean their life has been easy.  

                         Like you they get hungry, thirsty, lonely, discouraged, and tired.  

Sometimes they're put in prison, yelled at, have their things stolen, or are hurt.

                  Other times they help people ask Jesus into their heart,

                                                                                        and see lives changed

Click on the story title below to read the exciting adventures of these missionaries:

Gladys Aylward:

Part 10: The Powerful Mandarin
Part 11: Unbind Those Feet
Part 12:  Prison Riot
 Part 13: Inside Prison Doors
                                                        Part 14: Five Chinese Coins
                                                        Part 15: Less Is One More
                                                        Part 16: Ninepence Kidnapped?
                                                        Part 17: Even Missionaries Get Concerned 
                                                                       or Scared
                                                        Part 18: Spoonful of Courage
                                                        Part 19: Silver Planes Attack
                                                        Part 20: Prisoner
                                                        Part 21: Prisoner II
                                                        Part 22: The General's Confession
                                                        Part 23: Trapped Like a Scared Rabbit
                                                        Part 24: God Gave Me the Courage of a Lion
                                                        Part 25: Death of a City-Birth of a Soul
                                                        Part 26: The Children Must Escape
                                                        Part 27: Hopping to Safety
                                                        Part 28: Dancing with no Place to Sleep 
                                                        Part 29: Teh and Liang Led the Way
                                                        Part 30: I'm Hungry
                                                        Part 31: Crossing the Yellow River
                                                        Part 32: When People Share
                                                        Part 33: Gladys and Her Children Arrested
                                                        Part 34: Accused-Arrested-On Trial
                                                        Part 35: The Screaming Train
                                                        Part 36: Fire on the Train
                                                        Part 37: The Train Stopped-Bridge Blown
                                                        Part 38: The Train That Wasn't
                                                        Part 39: Snoring Saved Our Lives
                                                        Part 40: Unwanted in Siam
                                                        Part 41: Stay or Go?
                                                        Part 42: Who is This Woman?
                                                        Part 43: My Son Chu-En (part 1)
                                                        Part 44; My Son Chu-En (part 2)
                                                        Part 45: The Missionary Doctor
                                                        Part 46: Lamasery (part 1)
                                                        Part 47: Lamasery (part 2)
                                                    Part 48: Lamasery (Part 3-Who is the God of Love?)
 Want to read more about Gladys? Check out these books:

The Small Woman: The True Story of Gladys Aylward of China by Alan Burgess (Jun 1985)

Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman by Gladys Aylward and Christine Hunter (June 1, 1980)