About the Author

How can you contact me?  Feel free to email me at maryveewriter@gmail.com

Where do I live? I have lived in inner city Detroit, suburbia, on a remote island, in the desert, on a farm, and a breath away from the mountains.

What have I written? I have stories and articles published in Sparkle, Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Jr., FACES, Teach Kids! essentials, Children's Ministry, many book reviews for Christian Library Journal, and have submitted three plays for children and an early chapter book for boys to editors.

Why do I write for Kids?  When I was ten years old, I belonged to a school group called the "Service Squad."  We helped teachers at the school, did safety patrol, and helped on the playground. I volunteered to work with the kindergartners every month. One day the kindergarten teacher was absent and her substitute teacher didn't show. The principal didn't know what to do.  He came to the classroom and saw me helping the children. He asked, "Would you like to stay with the class today?" Of course I wanted to!  I would be the teacher! Throughout the day I noticed teachers walking by the room to make sure everything went well. At that moment, I knew God wanted me to work with children.

Where did I go to school?  I finished high school in a city close to Detroit, Michigan.  After graduation I went to Detroit Bible College to study Christian Education. I loved school!  I made lots of friends and learned many things. I then went to Eastern Michigan University to get my teaching certificate. Along the way I also earned my Masters in Guidance and Counseling and a professional teaching license.

Did I ever do missionary work?  Yes. God let me serve as a missionary in Chihuahua, Mexico; Monterrey, Mexico; in remote mountain villages of La Joya, Honduras; with Crow Indians in Hardin, Montana; and with underprivileged, neglected, and abused children of South Bend, Indiana. I told people about Jesus, passed out tracts, taught Bible stories, led game time, cleaned, scrubbed floors and dishes, served meals, swept, served as a camp counselor, and learned about God.

I like to travel: I've traveled to Mexico, Honduras, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, and Alaska. The only state in the U.S. that I have not set my foot in is California. It's on my list! I've eaten Washington Apples bought in Washington, Idaho Potatoes bought in Idaho, Danish bought in Denmark, and Michigan Apples and Cherries bought in Michigan.  I've visited the Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Smokey Mountains, Florida Everglades, both ends of the Mississippi, Mackinaw Bridge, and have cruised the Alaskan coastline.

What things have I learned?  To have breakfast with Jesus every morning. I read my devotions and pray while eating breakfast. I continue to learn every single day that God loves me and will forgive me for the wrong things I do.