Friday, November 15, 2019

Jesus, The Master Storyteller, Infusing Truth into Story

Jesus spent much of His three-year ministry walking from one city/village to another, teaching and preaching. The truths He taught were at times complicated to understand.

He spoke with many men, women, and children who met Him for the first time. People from all economical stations, genders, ages, and cultures.

Today, when we meet someone for the first time, the person who tends to intrigue us the most and earns our listening ear is the person who tells us about themself through a story. A telling of something that happened to them. This opening to the real person invites us to listen and want to know more about the person.

Jesus told parables to those who came to meet Him. A parable is a special type of story. It is a short story using a setting that is meaningful to the listeners. Characters in the story are people the listeners could relate to. For example, if several in the crowd were farmers, Jesus put a farmer in the story.

Typical stories that we find in the library or bookstore focus on one main character, a single problem, and their journey to find the answer.

In Jesus' parables, though, the story illustrated a heavenly teaching. A concept God the Father directed Him to present. The story was always timely, exactly what the listeners needed to hear. The story was always told plainly. I imagine Jesus sitting comfortably or unfolding the story while walking. 

Jesus the master storyteller knew how to convey His message. He explained truths in such a way the crowds came back to hear more. Sometimes the men, women, and children walked for days then sat at Jesus' feet listening to Him teach.

The last post shared a few of Jesus' parables. You can scroll down to read them.

The next parable told by Jesus is a lengthy one, but a wonderful one. Come back next week to read the Parable of the Lost Son.

Photo taken by Mary Vee in Samaria, Israel

Mary Vee is a Bible College graduate majoring in Biblical Studies and Christian Education. She has also traveled to Israel. Mary has served as a missionary in Honduras, Mexico, and the Crow Indian Tribe in Montana.

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