Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How to Settle A Disagreement

By Mary Vee
Matthew 18


View from the top of Masada
down at where the Romans camped.
Photo by Mary Vee, Masada, Israel
My name is Peter, I am a disciple of Jesus.

The other disciples and I walked with Jesus in the countryside and listened to him teach. The topic for this teaching is how to settle a disagreement.

Jesus said, "If your brother or someone you know hurts you in word or deed, go to him privately. Show him what he did wrong. Keep it just between you and him and work it out.

"If he listens to what you say and apologizes, you have regained the friendship bond between you. 

"If he doesn't listen and he refuses to apologize or own up to what he did wrong, then walk away. Go and find two or three others who will help resolve the problem. The two or three will listen and serve as witnesses to keep the discussion honest. Maybe then your brother will agree to apologize and restore your friendship.

"If your brother still refuses to listen to the witnesses who have seen and heard the proof, take the matter before the church. Present both sides of the problem to the people so they too can be witnesses and give your brother yet another opportunity to apologize and restore the friendship.

"If your brother then refuses to listen to what the church says, treat him as a person who has not learned about God. Explain to him the need to go to God, turn from his sinful ways, and accept the gift of God's love.

"This is a very serious matter. What is a yes on earth is a yes in heaven and a no on earth is a no in heaven. 

"Whatever you say will last for all eternity. 

"Did you know it only takes two of you to come together and agree on a need, then ask my Father in heaven and it will happen? And when two or more of you come together because of me, know this, I will be there."

I have learned so much by walking with Jesus. And yet I have so many questions. I understand now what to do for a disagreement and the importance of sharing my needs with others so they can pray to God with me. Next time, I will have a chance to ask my question: How many times do I have to forgive my brother for doing the same thing wrong?

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