Monday, January 23, 2012

The End of My Journey-Gladys Aylward

By Mary Vee

From Gladys Aylward's Journal

If I had a library worth of pages, I could easily fill them with the blessings of God. 

I'd tell about the Christmas in my little home where the celebration planned for the three turned into a gathering of over twenty seven in need. How we laughed and praised God and how he turned food for a few people into enough for all who came.

I could tell you about the Buddist priest who asked Jesus into his heart after receiving a suit. Oh, the stories I could still tell--I'm am so happy remembering what God did that I am laughing even as I write these words.

I could tell you about the Chinese woman trapped in an Irish asylum and how God led me to help free her. She too accepted Christ and eventually returned to China as a missionary.

I traveled throughout my homeland, preaching Christ and telling the people about the plight of the Chinese people under Communism. I had received word that even one of my adopted sons, Less, had been shot and killed at the University because of his faith.

In time, the letters I received from Hong Kong grabbed my heart. Many Chinese fled the communists there with no food or shelter. 

One day, I gathered my things and said good bye to my homeland. I journeyed to Hong Kong and found a horrible sight. Men, women, and children roamed the streets starving with no place to live. How could a few people do all the work?

Together with a few Christian friends, we immediately set up a mission and an orphanage. We tried to gather funds to pay for food and clothing, but were unsuccessful. In the meantime, missions from America called, asking me to come speak. I didn't want to leave my beloved Chinese people again.

Calls from America came daily and the needs for supplies increased. I realized God wanted me to go to a new land to share the needs of the Chinese people. 

Many American churches allowed me to speak from their pulpit and share the good news of Christ and the story of the terrors in China. The people listened with open hearts. I felt welcomed in their homes and in their churches. 

God sent needed dollars from the Americans to the Chinese in Hong Kong. During my time in America, World Vision Incorporated agreed to send money for the needs of the mission and the orphanage I had set up in Taiwan. 

And now my journey has ended. My love for Christ and all He has done for me has filled my life and guided my steps.

Some day I hope to meet you in Heaven.

May you see, hear, feel, and taste the goodness of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Gladys Aylward


Anonymous said...

This is moving, powerful and inspiring.

Mary Vee said...

Oh, yes, I agree. Glady's life is all three. She has inspired many to serve as she has. That alone is worth all she gave.
Thanks for stopping by.