Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Tabernacle-pt.3 Aaron's Special Clothes

By Mary Vee
Exodus 38:9-39:31

chosen by God
and given wisdom and understanding in every kind of workmanship

My work on the tabernacle has lasted several months. I've never enjoyed a project more.  

Each time I held gold or acacia wood in my hands, I wondered: what would God help me make?  Well, I knew what the furniture was supposed to be, but I didn't know what it would look like in the end.

When I started making the cherubim, you know--the angels on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant, I had no idea they would be such a work of art.  I look at my hands and laugh because God used these hands of mine to make the magnificent furniture for His Tabernacle.
Moses seemed quite pleased with my work.  He peeked into my shop each day to look at the progress. After finishing the Altar, the last piece of furniture, Moses told me to make the Court of the Tabernacle.  Oh, yes! This would keep me busy for quite a while. 

I trained workers to help me make sixty pillars, the curtains, and basically everything needed to form the Court.  We set the completed pieces in organized piles for the day Moses would let us put the Tabernacle together.  This part of the project lasted quite awhile.

Moses called me to his tent after a messenger reported we'd finished the Court.  "Bezalel, your work surpasses my imagination.  The Lord truly has blessed your hands and mind."

I never thought I'd receive such a compliment.  "Thank you, Moses."

"And now, I have another project.  You are to make the priestly garments.  Start with my brother Aaron's garments since he is the high priest."  

He gave me the Lord's instructions and had me repeat the information until I understood.  No wonder this garment would belong to the high priest.  Look at this picture!

I gathered fine woven linen, blue, purple and scarlet thread. Next, the workers and I beat gold into thin sheets and cut it into threads.  We took all the threads and wove a fancy design into an apron called an ephod to be worn over the main garment.  We added special jewels, engraved with each tribe's name and set in gold. 

Next we made a breastplate to go over the apron with the same design and a blue robe with a binding strong enough to keep it from tearing. We made pomegranates and bells to hand from the hem of the blue robe. Last we made the white tunic to wear under the blue robe and a turban for the priest's head.

When we finished the Lord's instructions I looked at our work.  This  garment would make even the Pharaoh jealous. 

1. Who was the high priest?
2. What is another word for the apron the priest wore?
3. Who did God want to make the priest's clothes?
4. What all did the priest need to wear?


Susan said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog post on Aaron's garments and the Tabernacle. I work for Rose Publishing, Inc and thought you'd be interested in their Rose Guide to the Tabernacle. It has 128 pages with full-color illustrations of the construction of the Tabernacle and clear plastic overlays of the "tent of meeting." They also have pamphlets and a model of the Tabernacle.

There is also a free downloadable eChart on the High Priestly Garments:

Hope these resources are helpful!

Mary Vee said...

Thank you, Susan, for stopping by. I appreciate the information.
Stop by again for more Bible and missionary stories.