Monday, December 13, 2010

Hanukkah Celebrations

By Mary Vee

This year, the Hanukkah celebration began December 1 and ended December 9.  The reason for celebrating Hanukkah is told in last Monday's post The Story of Hanukkah. Ever wonder what games are played or what special foods are eaten on Hanukkah? Listed below are cites with ideas for this celebration of lights .


Here is a fun game. (This version of the Dreidel game uses candy or points.) Click on this link:

Dreidel Game

Other fun Hanukkah game and activity links: 

Hanukkah Games 
Hanukkah Activities and Recipies for Kids 
Hanukkah Party Game Ideas 
Hannukkah Jigsaw Puzzle 


Favorite foods for Hanukkah are Latkes (like a pancake, sufganiot (like a deep fried donut)

Links to Hanukkah recipes and food ideas:

Hanukkah Recipies 
Hanukkah Snacks
Hanukkah recipies for Kids

Lighting of the Candles:
Directions to like a menorah can be found at this link: How to Light a Menorah

Did you notice two different spellings for Hanukkah in this post?  They are both pronounced the same.

Happy Hanukkah!!

What else is included in the Hanukkah Celebration?
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