Monday, November 29, 2010

Bryan Davis' Thanksgiving Visit

By Mary Vee

Four years ago I had the privilege to meet Bryan Davis. He had a book signing and spoke to several schools in Michigan where I lived at the time.  My daughter and I went to his talks and book signing those days. We had already read Raising Dragons and were excited to buy autographed copies of the rest of the series. 

Bryan is considered one of the first successful authors to write Christian books with dragons.  In his thanksgiving moment below he'll direct you to a link where he tells how he uses Christian ideas and stories from the Bible to capture your interest and help you grow in your walk with Christ. After reading this link, you will see the importance of two pennies.

Please welcome 
Bryan Davis:

 Bryan, Please tell us about a Thanksgiving moment

I am thankful for inspiration. I sit at my desk for hours on end, typing on a keyboard, sitting far away from those I hope to delight with my developing story. Will it grab a reader’s imagination and take him on a mind-blowing adventure? Will it reach to the heart and inspire uplifting and transforming contemplation? Maybe. It’s often hard to tell from this vantage point.

When I sit with my fingers poised to peck through the next word, I sometimes wonder how this tangled mess of a story will ever be fashioned into the hope I have for it. During the early stages, it often seems impossible. Yet, no matter how snarled the story is at the moment, it always works out at the end, and I am never lacking in astonishment. I look back and ask, “How did that happen?”

I get ideas in timely dreams, random thoughts from others, and amazing circumstances that all work to chisel away the terrible parts of my story and add in the fresh and vibrant aspects it needs. Sometimes the story stalls, and the delays make me wonder if I will ever finish it, but then the inspiration comes in a way that could not have occurred if there had not been a delay in the writing. The story needed to wait. It required a bit of mental simmering.

Here is an example of a series of miraculous events that breathed life into a story (click on this link to read how one dime and two pennies helped Bryan Davis): Now whenever I run into a creative blockade, and it feels like I am pushing a stubborn story along, I look back at these events and gain new confidence that it will work out. It always has before. The inspiration always arrives exactly when I need it.

Thank you, Lord, for providing inspiration. I am writing for you, and to continue painting portraits of your love, I need all the help I can get.

Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis' Web Site is: 

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Powerful Amalekites

By Mary Vee
Exodus 17:8-13

Today's story is told from Aaron's (Moses' brother) point of view.

Keeping track of a younger brother can be difficult at times.  God asked me to help Moses speak to Pharaoh back when we lived in Egypt, and now I help Moses by telling our people, the children of Israel, what God wants us to do. 

I get tired watching Moses. He gets up early every morning to spend time alone with God, I'm not sure when he's up, but it's before the donkeys bray.  When I stepped outside my tent this morning, I noticed guards speaking with him.  I thought there might be a problem. Maybe he needed my help. "Moses, what's going on?"

"Amalek's army is near. The spies report Amalek is prepared for battle. I've sent for Joshua."

I knew I shouldn't have slept in this morning. 

Joshua arrived a few minutes later. Moses pointed to the other side of the valley, "Amalek has an army prepared for battle. Choose some men for battle. Tomorrow I will stand on the top of that hill over there with the rod of God in my hand."

Throughout the day the whole camp chattered about the up coming battle.  We all knew Joshua was the best choice to lead our army, but Amalek's army had tall, mighty warriors. Would we win or would the Amalikites force us to be slaves?

No one slept in the next morning. Joshua marched the army toward the valley while Hur and I walked with Moses to the top of a hill overlooking the valley. We watched for a few minutes as the armies came together.  Our soldiers looked like boys fighting giants. I honestly didn't know what would happen.

Moses gripped his rod and pounded it on the ground. "Our men are falling to those Amelikites already. We need God's help."  He raised his rod into the air like he did the day the Red Sea waters parted.  We looked back at the armies and saw the Amelikites draw back a little.  Our soldiers ran forward and attacked with power.

After a while, Moses's arms grew tired. "God is with us in this battle." He lowered his rod and set it in his lap.  Hur rubbed Moses's shoulders and laughed.  "The Amelikites will never win this battle.  God is fighting for us. Maybe you should rest."  

Moses and I nodded to each other. "God blessed our army."  We scanned the battlefield again expecting to see Joshua and our soldiers winning.  But they weren't.  Moses quickly pushed the rod of God in the air.  "Look, our soldiers are winning! I need to keep the rod of God raised." 

Every time Moses' arms sagged the Joshua and our army lost ground.  I found a rock nearby and rolled it near Moses. "Here, sit down.  That should help."

Moses plopped down on the rock. "My arms are sore, Aaron." Sweat poured down his forehead and his eyes showed his pain.

I ran to his side. "Hur, stand on that side and hold up his arm. I'll stand on this side." We hurried to support Moses' arms and stayed beside him, holding up his arms the entire day. When the sun set, the battle was over. The Amalikites lost..

We climbed down the hill to join the army back at camp.  Our families kindled fires and brought out instruments to celebrate.  I watched the people sing and dance in praise to God and realized what God did for us today. Who are we but a small nation with an untrained army?  Yet God used our soldiers, His chosen prophet, and a rod raised in the air to win a battle. 

We would not have won without God.


  1.  Who attacked the Israelites?
  2.  Who did Moses ask to lead the soldiers?
  3.  Where did Moses go to watch the battle? Who went with him?
  4.  What did God want Moses to do to help the Israelites win?
  5.  Could Moses do this by himself?  If not, who helped?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Around the World

By Mary Vee

Thanksgiving is celebrated at different times around the world.  

Today I'd like to wish everyone around the world a Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your family and show you His love in a special way.  God Loves Kids blog will continue posting Bible stories in kid and family friendly language. Stop by again to read a new Bible story.


Perhaps you didn't realize someone in another country is reading this blog at the same time or day as you.  

Each red circle on the map tells which country readers of this blog live.  I don't know who they are or anything else about them other than what country they're in when they read the blog. I am thankful for each one of you.

Can you think of a way to help someone from another country?  (girl from Alaska)

Perhaps pick another country and pray that God will help provide the people food, (children from India)

a place to live (home in Vietnam), 

and a friend to tell them about Jesus (children from Brazil)

Sometimes we can't go to another country to help people or tell them that God loves them and sent His son, Jesus, to die for their sins, but we can always pray. 

As you celebrate Thanksgiving in your country, try to remember kids from another country and pray for them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Vee

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chris Fabry's Thanksgiving Visit

By Mary Vee

I am thankful for Christian writers. My bookshelves are filled with kid, tween, teen, women, and men's fiction in addition to tons of nonfiction books.  I love reading books!

Christian writers have problems just like us. Today's guest, Chris Fabry wants to tell you about something that happened to him.  Chris Fabry has written many books for kids and teens. I asked him to join us today and share a Thanksgiving momentHe shared this special story:

Please welcome Chris Fabry author of:
Christian teen and kid series

I had a dream to write when I was young, but I had no idea I could actually pay some bills doing it.

Then I met Jerry Jenkins at Moody Bible Institute. He said, “I can help you do this if you want, but it’ll be painful.”

Boy, was it ever. But I learned a lot and eventually Jerry and Dr. Tim LaHaye allowed me to team with them to help write the Left Behind: The Kids series. 40 books in all (I only wrote 36).

Fast forward to this year. My son, Colin, is 10. He has type 1 diabetes. It’s been an uphill health battle for the whole family after exposure to toxic mold.

Colin and his siblings couldn’t read—their eyes were affected by the toxic exposure. I can remember Kaitlyn crying because she couldn’t focus on the words. Now she’s finishing Christy Miller books faster than I can eat a slice of beef jerky.

Colin started reading the Left Behind: The Kids series and got hooked. In that series, Dr. LaHaye gave us one instruction. Make each book contain a believable conversion of a young person so anyone picking it up can see what it means to give your heart to Christ.

Colin came to me after about book three. “I did it, Dad.”

“You did what? Finished another book?”

“No, I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart.”

You can’t imagine the thrill of that, knowing that something we had worked on years ago was still bearing fruit, still having an impact.

I’d love to have a bestseller some day. But I love impacting readers on a heart level no matter if it’s one million or just one. Especially when that one is my own son.

Happy thanksgiving,

Chris Fabry

You can check out Chris Fabry's books
 at his website:

Here are some of his books:

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moses Asks God for Water

By Mary Vee
Exodus 17:1-7

Today's story is told from Moses' point of view

I looked up after finishing my morning manna and noticed the cloud with God's presence moving to the east.  Several other men noticed as well and pointed up.  We spread the word, instructing the people to prepare to move.

We had grown accustomed to moving. No one planted a garden, set up a business, or a permanent home.  God said He would lead us on a journey.

We travelled a couple of days through hills to a desert area.  The cloud stopped over Rephidim. I guess I hadn't noticed our water supply had run dangerously low.  Think of all the things I have to do!  Keep the travel pace slow enough for the children and elderly; allow for necessary breaks; notice if this part of the path is safe for the animals, or should I be to the left, or the right; do we need to camp soon, what did Aaron asked me a minute ago; the list of duties is longer than I care to think about. 

I don't really mind leading these people as God asked--but sometimes their complaining makes me tired and gives me headaches. 

The cloud with God's presence stopped over Rephidim. Quicker than a camel empties a bucket of water a large group of men came to me and screamed, "Give us water, that we may drink."

Hadn't they learned from the manna, and the water at Marah they simply needed to trust God?  He promised to take care of us.  Most likely God brought us to this place to see if we would trust Him.  He wouldn't let us die of thirst.

I couldn't help myself. I flung up my arms and huffed. "Why do you fight with me? Why do you tempt the Lord?"

They wouldn't listen.  Several men stepped closer to me and scowled. "Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to kill us and our children and our livestock with thirst?"

My heart wept.  I walked away where I could be alone with God.  When I talk with Him, my insides settle and I can breath.  He lets me cry out to Him and talk about the problems.  I struggled for a moment to find words, but my anger at the people jumped through my lips. "What am I suppose to do with these people? They're ready to kill me."

He waited for me to listen to Him then said, "Take some of the older men  and go to the rock in Horeb. I will be there with you.  Take your rod, the same one you've used, and strike the rock.  When you do, water will come out of it for the people to drink."

I took the men to witness God's blessing. When I reached the rock at Horeb, I struck it as God said. Water gushed from the rock and soaked our feet.  God took care of us, like He said He would.

I sent a few men back for the people. 

While they were gone, I soaked my feet in the water and wondered when the Israelites will realize God will take care of them?

1.  Why did God lead the people to Rephidim?
2.  What did God want the people to do?  Did they?
3.  What did Moses do with his problem?
4.  What can you learn from Moses today?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Manna and Quail

By Mary Vee
Exodus 16:11-21

My father, mother, cousins, and well, the whole family came together yesterday and complained to Moses about the wilderness. 

As long as I can remember, all nine years of my life, I lived near Egypt in a city called Goshen and worked with other Israelite boys as a slave making bricks.   I've never been to the wilderness before. 

Back in Goshen, I had a bed, food, a roof over my head, and I knew what to do each day:  get up, eat something, make bricks all day (get yelled at and beaten by guards), come home, eat something, do chores, go to bed. 

A couple of days ago all the Hebrew families crossed the Red Sea--on dry ground.  If you look back in the stories, you can read about it.  Anyway, we brought food and drink, but a few days ago the people noticed the water was almost gone.

That day we found the waters of Marah.  We all ran to the shore and splashed water in our mouths.  It tasted bitter. Something was wrong with that water. Many men, including my father complained to Moses. Their faces turned red and they held up their fist as they shouted at him. It wasn't Moses' fault, but they yelled at him. 

Moses walked away from us like he usually did when he wanted to talk with the Lord.  A little while later he came back, pushed a tree in the water and said the we could drink. A few men tasted the water then nodded. I don't know what the Lord did, but it tasted delicious.

We refilled our water supplies, walked a ways then camped by some wells.  After resting a few days, the Lord led us further into the wilderness.  I heard new sounds each day and wished I could see the animals. Once in a while I'd see something scamper behind a tree.

This is where my story started at the top of the page.  The families gathered together and complained to Moses about food and water.  Some shouted about meat. Some even said they wished they'd stayed in Egypt where they had food.  I don't understand.  Why would they want to be slaves again?

Moses walked away again and talked with the Lord. When he came back, I saw him whisper to his brother, Aaron. Aaron raised his hands to quiet everyone. "At twilight you shall eat meat and in the morning you shall be filled with bread. This is how you will know the Lord, He is our God."

That night a heavy wind blew quails to our camp. The birds covered the ground.  The meat tasted wonderful.  Aaron told us God's rules for the bread that would come in the morning.  He said the bread would rain down to the ground from heaven! We were to gather one omer for each person living in our tent and leave none for the next morning. 

I helped gather the bread.  It was thin and tasted a little sweet.  The sun melted any bread left on the ground.

I wasn't sure if we would get more bread so I hid some of what I collected in the corner of the tent.  The next morning when I woke, the tent stank. My father sniffed around and found the bread I hid.  It had worms crawling in it. 

He made me show the wormy bread to Moses.  I didn't know what to say.  Moses shook his head when he saw the bread and closed his eyes.  How could I disappoint the man whom the Lord chose to lead could I disobey God?

I decided right then I would never take extra bread again.  The Lord promised to take care of me, and I believe Him.

1.  What food did God give the Israelites?
2.  How did God get the food to them?
3.  What did the boy do wrong?
4.  What did the boy do right?

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Makenzie BCS
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Lori Scott's Thanksgiving Visit

By Mary Vee

If you like to giggle, laugh, and be silly then you'll like the Meghan Rose series written by Lori Scott.  Some titles from the series are:

Meghan Rose Has Ants in Her Pants - Meghan Rose wants a pair of gravity defying shoes called Kangaroozies, and she just can’t wait to get them. How will she deal with the ants in her pants?

Meghan Rose on Stage - Meghan Rose wants to take part in the school talent show, but she can’t sing or dance or even burp very well. Will her braggy classmate Lynette steal the show?

Meghan Rose Gets All Dressed Up:  Meghan Rose doesn’t own Pickle brand socks, Pickle brand shirts, or Pickle brand ANYTHING. How can she be pretty for picture day wearing her plain old clothes?

Two new Meghan Rose titles will be released November 28th: Meghan Rose Takes the Cake and Meghan Rose Knows it All... plus two more in spring 2011

Award winning author, Lori Z. Scott loves reading the Sunday comics and making up silly jokes.  I asked her to join us today to share her Thankful list.

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Please welcome Lori Scott

Like many people, when it comes to things I’m thankful for, family, friends, and faith top the list. But God is good, even when it comes to the tiniest details of our lives! So...I decided to go beyond what people normally think and express my appreciation for some of the simple things in my life (and maybe yours too!) that bless me.

Here are my top ten picks:

  1. Ponytail Holders. Not only are they a snap for pulling up your hair, you can use them to close bags or wrap a deck of cards. You can also wear them as bracelets, or jimmy-rig one to hold a guinea pig’s water bottle.
  2. Stuffed Animals. They can make any kid, any age, smile. They make great GET WELL SOON gifts. And they are so cute, people will blow twenty dollars worth of quarters in a claw crane just to win one.
  3. A Loose Tooth. Ask any kid… what could be more gruesomely awesome?
  4. Silly Jokes. Anyone can make them and share them, and no one complains if they aren’t very good. Peanut butter sandwiches are like that too.
  5. Stubbornness. When facing life’s trials, stubbornness can be a life saver. And I am NOT changing my mind about whether or not it should be on the list.
  6. Dr. Seuss. He made up nonsense words like zizzer-zazzer-zuzz and diffendoofer. That’s just the studipusacious kind of fun I enjoy!
  7. Cup Holders. These are one of the best additions to modern cars. Even when not holding a drink, they can hold loose change, gum wrappers, earrings, ponytail holders (see number 1 above), and teeth (see number 3 above).
  8. Warm Blankets Straight From the Dryer. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…. need I say more?
  9. Plastic Spoons. I can’t tell you how many times I think, “Gee, if I only had a plastic spoon …” Try eating fruit cups or yogurt without them. And while a ponytail holder is handy, they don’t launch paper wads quite the same way.
  10. Doodles. Like me, many people depend on doodling to make it through a particularly boring lesson, staff meeting, or phone conversation. There are even people who make a career out of doodling. For some, that’s called graphic/ mechanical/ interior/ fashion designing. Others just call it physics.

Have a studipusacious Thanksgiving!

Lori Z. Scott

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crabby, Ungrateful People

By Mary Vee
Exodus 16:1-10

Today's story tells Moses' side of the story:

As leader of the Israelite people, I must admit the people's grumblings and rumors about all their problems bothered me.  God has done so much for us, why can't they be content?

Sure, life in the desert isn't easy. And I understand living in one place while serving Egyptian masters might seem easier than packing a tent and trekking to the next place God chose for us to camp; but we're free.  God freed us from our bondage! 

We have no official army. Egyptian slaves couldn't have an army.  And that's all we've been for the last 400 years. We aren't prepared to march into a city and conquer it.  The Lord knows. 

I'm convinced God has a plan for us. He'll provide everything we need and give us time to organize into a solid people. We need to be patient.

I'm thankful for my brother, Aaron, who listens and shares ideas with me. I've talked with him so many times. Big brothers are helpful in that way.

One day the grumblings grew extra loud.  The people gathered together and stormed to my tent.  They all shouted at once and raised their fists toward me.  "Moses! We would have been better off being killed by the Lord in Egypt.  At least we had meat in our pots and bread in our stomachs.  You led us to the desert to kill us with famine."

I couldn't get a word in edgewise.  When they finshed yelling, they stormed back to their tents. My heart pounded.  I'm not sure if I was angry at them for disrespecting God or hurt that they didn't appreciate what God did for them.  Aaron put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a big brother smile. 

I walked a ways from the camp to talk with God.  He let me tell Him what the people said, even though He already knew. 

He paitiently waited for me to finish talking then said, "It's okay, Moses. I will rain bread from heaven for you." I closed my eyes and pictured bread raining from the sky and smiled. God has great ideas and sometimes His solutions make me laugh. He then said, "The people will go out and gather a certain amount.  It will be a test to see if they are ready to obey my instructions.  On the sixth day the people are to gather twice the amount."

He also told me there would be meat in the evening. The instructions didn't seeem difficult to obey.

I returned to the camp and told Aaron what the Lord said, then we gathered the people.  Aaron told them the message; but I made sure the people knew that although God would send bread and meat their complaint was against the Lord and not us. 

When Aaron finished telling the people God's instructions, I said, "Tell them to come near before the Lord, for He has heard their complaints."  

Everyong looked toward the wilderness and gasped at the sight.  The glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud.

Have you complained about something then suddenly realized Dad, Mom, teacher, or someone else was listening?  The Israelites probably had that same queezy feeling in their stomachs.  They probably thought only Moses heard them yelling.
When we complain, God hears.  God wants us to trust Him and ask Him for help, not complain.

1.  What was the children of Israel's complaint?
2.  What did Moses do?
3.  What did God want the people to do?
4.  Who did God give to Moses as a helper?
5.  Why did the people gasp?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Following God

Exodus 15: 22-27

God gave me the position of leadership over the children of Israel. My name is Moses.

I had no idea I would go before Pharaoh with messages from God, raise my staff to bring on God's plagues to the Egyptians, and lead our nation's escape.

Yet, here I walk through the desert sands of the Wilderness of Shur.  I don't know where we're going, exactly.  My job is to lead the people where God wants us to go. 

Are you wondering how I know which way to lead?  God's presence is in a large cloud above us. When He lets us rest, the cloud stops moving. When He wants us to move forward, the cloud lifts in the direction He wants us to go.

We've traveled for three days since leaving the Red Sea.  A lot has happened.  During the first and second days the people often looked back to see if the Egyptians sent another army.  They jumped when unusual sounds came from behind them. 

We drank most of the water by the end of the second day. No one knew we would travel through the desert for a long time. We expected to find pools or streams of water along the way. When no water was found by the end of the second day, we rationed our drinks. The people grew thirsty.

On the third day we came to Marah.  Before I could say a word the Israelites flocked to the water and gulped.  It was a bad idea. We needed to have someone test it first.  Sure enough, the Israelites spit out the water and screamed about the bitter tase. "What do you expect us to drink, Moses? This water is bad!"

I fetl sorry for them; afterall, I was thirsty too.  My toungue stuck to the roof of my mouth like mortar on bricks. I stepped away from the people and cried out to God.  "Lord, what should we do? We're thirsty."

At the end of my prayer, I opened my eys and noticed a particular tree.  Several men help me throw the tree into the water. We waited a few moments then tasted the water.  I must admit, it was delicious.  I stepped aside to let the people get their fill of drink before satisfying my thirst.

The adults sat on the shores of the water and rested while the children splashed and the animals cooled themselves in the water.

That night the Israelites sang praises to God around campfires. They remembered the Red Sea, and now the waters of Marah.  While they sang and told stories, I walked to a quiet place to talk with the Lord.

I sat on a sandy hill overlooking the people waiting for God to meet with me.  He said, "Tell My people: If you heed my voice and do what is right in my sight by keeping my commandments, I will keep all of the diseases which the Egyptians suffered from happening to you. For I am the Lord who heals you."

I told the Israelites His message and showed them the cloud moving.  We continued walking until we reached Elim. There we found twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees.  A perfect place to camp for a while.

Following God isn't easy. But I know He will take care of us.

1.  What wilderness did God lead the Israelites to?
2.  What did the people need?
3.  Where did they find it?  Was it good?
4.  What did God tell Moses to do to fix the water?
5.  God allowed the water at Marah to be bitter because He wanted to see if the people would   
      ask Him for help.  Did they?
6.  What can we learn from this story?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Paul McCusker's Thanksgiving Visit

By Mary Vee

Christian writers make us laugh, whisk us to new places, scare us, keep us up late at night, and show us how others handled problems.

My family has listened to hundreds of Odyssey radio programs. At the end of many programs, Chris says, "And don't forget to ask for a copy of today's episode. It's called (title).  Adventures in Odyssey is a production of Focus on the Family, (title of the show) was written by Paul McCusker.

Paul McCusker has written many books for kids and teens.  I asked him to join us today and share a Thanksgiving moment.

Please welcome Paul McCusker author of:
Adventures in Odyssey Novels
Each book holds four novels based on the popular radio drama. Essential reading for your young Odyssey fan.

Adventures in Odyssey: Passages
A six-book series in which regular kids from the town of Odyssey travel to the mysterious land of Marus, and become integral to tales that reflect stories from the Bible

The Time Thriller Trilogy:
Three teen thrillers that explore the town of Fawltline, where time shifts and people get lost in it. It's up to Jeff and his eccentric Uncle Malcolm to solve the mysteries and get everyone back where they belong


Mr. McCusker, please tell us what you're thankful for.

I'm thankful for the English teachers who put their time and energy into teaching me subjects like sentence structure, grammar, Mark Twain, poetry, William Shakespeare, essays, Raymond Chandler, and dialogue. While they were doing that, they didn't discourage me from the frivolous reading I sneaked in during some of the classes, study halls or sports activities - the paperback thrillers and science fiction and mysteries and horror. It was as if they thought reading was important enough, even though I wasn't pursuing the classics.

At the time, I had no idea they were planting seeds in my brain and heart that would eventually grow into something beautiful and life-changing. There isn't a single word or sentence that I write now that doesn't point back to their influence in my life.

They were so diligent, applying praise and correction however need. And, while their praise was always appreciated, I was grateful for notes like "I know you can do better than this" because it told me that they were paying attention and really believed I COULD do better than I was doing. They seemed to notice that behind my crude efforts to communicate there was something worth encouraging. And they did encourage me. Sometimes openly, to my embarrassment. Sometimes pushing me to take on more than I thought I could.

So I want to thank Miss Stegner, Mrs. Baker, Mr. Jack, Mrs. Calhoun and the many others who invested themselves in my life - wherever you are.

[Note: I'm attaching a photo I'm particularly proud of: when I bumped into Neil Simon in London back in 1997.]

 All the best,

Paul McCusker

Neil Simon is an American playwrite and screenwriter. He won the Pulitzer prize for drama in 1991. Some of his plays are: The Odd Couple, Their Playing Our Song, I Ought to Be in Pictures, The Good Doctor, The Sunshine boys, and The Star Spangled Gir.

What message do you have for Paul McCusker?

Paul McCusker's web site is:

Here are some of his books:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

After Crossing the Sea

By Mary Vee
Exodus 15:22

I woke this morning still feeling tired.  We had stayed up really late last night singing and dancing praises to God.  It's hard to express what we felt.  Just yesterday we stood on the Egyptian shore with God's presence in a cloud over us.  He told me to hold my staff over the waters.

Yes, yes God said the waters would part and we'd walk across the dry sea bed, but to hear what would happen is completely different from being there.  The wind blew in my face with a great force, it nearly knocked me down.

The people were nervous about walking on the path. Think about it, a wall of water rising above their heads on both sides!  Once they saw the shore on the other side, they bolted in case the wall of water might crash down on them.  I tried to reassure them, but, I guess seeing the water wall concerned them. 

We also had one other problem.  The cloud separating the Egyptian army from us lifted.  Pharaoh screamed at his army to chase after us.  They clattered forward like madmen.  I knew the Lord would care for us, but my heart pounded like it wanted out of my chest the moment I heard them running after us.

I was the last to place my feet on the new shore.  The Lord told me to stretch my hands over the sea again. When I did the walls of water crashed down on the Egyptian army, horses, chariots, soldiers, the whole army.  Just like that.

Sure, I believed the Lord would do as He said, but the water splashed up on me.  It crashed down on the Egyptians running after us. The water roared and swirled about confused which way to go.  Drops sprayed onto my clothes.

We stood silent. Did God throw the water down on the army and kill them?  Or would they swim to shore and come after us? 

We waited. No one swam to shore.  The water and the birds sang the only song. 

Then we cheered.  We cried for joy. We sang, danced, and gave praises to God.  We told stories about what we saw along the way.  When it grew dark we made campfires and sang more praises to God.

I sat up this morning and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.  Many of the Israelites walked along the shore, some cared for the animals, some organized their belongings.  I looked at the cloud above and thanked God. 

After a morning meal the cloud with God's presence shifted to the northeast.  I called out to the people. "God wants us to more forward.  Let's go."


1. What do you think you would have seen if you walked with the Israelites across the sea ground?
2. Who chased after the people?
3. What happened to the army? 
4. What did the people do when they arrived at the other shore?
5. How did Moses know it was time to move forward?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miriam thanks God

Mary Vee
Ex 14:30-15:21

Miriam ran up to Moses and grabbed his arm. They stood with all the other Israelites and stared at the Red Sea. The waves crashed against the shore.

No one spoke. 

Their eyebrows jumped high and their jaws dropped low.  Only the birds and the sea made a sound for one long moment.

Miriam looked up at the towering cloud above them.  "God saved us from the Egyptians, Moses!"

A smile popped on his face. Moses grabbed Miriam and hugged her. "He did! We're free. Free at last."

Miriam laughed and hugged her other brother, Aaron. "Aaron, we're free!"

Aaron patted Moses on the back. "Praise the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. He saved us!"

Miriam grabbed her tamberine and play as her brothers and the men sang, "I will sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously!  The horse and its rider He has thrown into the  sea!"

Elders, fathers, and sons joined in singing, dancing, and playing instruments. "The Lord is my strength and song. And he has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise HIm; my father's God, and I will exalt Him."

Miriam laughed and kicked off her sandles to dance on the sandy shore.  She raised her timbrel and led the women with singing and dances.  "Sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously! The horse and its rider He has thrown into the sea."

The children of Israel celebrated the rest of the day and into the night.  Campfires lit the seashore crackling in beat to the songs of praise. The sea, birds, campfire, and land creatures joined in praise to God for His salvation.

After the children slept, the adults continued to talk about the ten plauges, the journey to the Red Sea, crossing the Red Sea on dry ground,  the Egyptian army chasing them, and the sea splashing onto the Egyptians.  Moses stood and raised his hands to silence the people.  "Let's be silent before the Lord for a moment."

Miriam hugged her knees for warmth.  She gazed into the fire and listened to the sea splashing on the shore.  She looked up at the pillar of fire above them. I had hoped You'd save us...and You did.  I never expected all You did for us. Thank you.

Moses sat again by the fire.  Miriam joined him.  "Moses, I knew God would use you to save us the moment Momma put you in the basket and set you in the river.  I'm so glad you obeyed Him and came back to help us."

She grabbed her timbrel and leaped up to dance again.  "Sing to the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously!"

Some time later the she fell asleep.  The next morning she rubbed her eyes and heard to the waves crash against the shore.  "Oh, I remember where I am!  God saved us."

God hears our prayers.  Sometimes we have to wait for His answer, but then we discover His plan is best.

1.  What was Miriam happy about?
2.  How did she get to the other shore?
3.  Who all was with her?
4.  Where had she come from?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Christian Authors Month

By Mary Vee

I'm thankful for the books Christian authors write.  This month a few of my favorite Christian Authors will be stopping by to say, "Hi" to you.  They'll tell you something they're thankful for.  Stop by each Monday during November to visit with an author.

I am Thankful for Christian Authors
 because they know how to:

Solve a mystery

Paul McCusker, author of Adventure in Odyssey stories and others will join us
November 8-9

Laugh at life

Lori Scott, author of chapter books for young children will join us November 15-16

Go on a wild adventure.

Chris Fabry, author of tween and teen mystery and fantasy series will join us
November 22-23

Takes you to new worlds and beyond.

Bryan Davis author of tween and teenage fantasy books will join us November 29-30

Make mistakes

Hi Mary and kids at God Loves Kids blog!
Thanks for the invite. I'm pretty jammed right now with the release of the new book, "The God Hater." It sounds like you're doing important work and it would be great to connect again when things aren't so crazy.

Again, thanks for thinking of me . . . and the Lord bless your ministry bunches!

              Bill Myers