Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big Bully Pharaoh Loses

By Mary Vee
Exodus 14:23-29

Pharaoh woke early the next morning. His neck hurt from sleeping on the ground.  “Guard, report.”

“My liege, the dark cloud that settled between us at the Israelites last night remained.  There’s no way the Israelites could have moved in this darkness.”

“Good. Prepare the soldiers.  As soon as the cloud lifts, we move.”

Pharaoh ate his breakfast staring to the east.  “How could such a great cloud darken the sky and sit over our camp so long? At least I know those Israelites can’t escape.”

He turned to set his cup down then looked back.  The cloud rose high into the sky. Pharaoh stooped to look underneath. As the cloud rose, he uncurled his body until he stood.  He stared at the valley where he last saw the Israelites. “Where are they?”

A strong wind from the east pushed against his face. Pharaoh shielded his eyes from the sun and looked toward the sea. “What’s happened?” He blinked twice then stared at the water.  “There’s a path--a path in the sea? How was it made? And the Israelites, look--they’ve walked through the path--they’re getting away!  Mount everyone.  Now.  After them!” 

Pharaoh climbed on his chariot. The horsemen and foot soldiers followed with their weapons ready to attack. As they approached the sea Pharaoh waved them forward. “Don’t let one escape.  Capture every man, woman, and child. Don’t let even one animal escape.”

The army bolted across the dry riverbed until each soldier, horse, and chariot touched the bottom.  The men shouted their war cry to scare the Israelites into submission. The soldiers watched the Hebrews turn toward them from the other shore.  They screamed their war cry again when the Israelites faces showed fear.

Pharaoh cheered his men forward. He raised his voice and looked toward the sky until he felt a sploosh of water on his face.  His eyes darted to the right and left. “The wall of water is falling!  Go to the closest shore. Retreat, I say. Retreat!”

He screamed the instructions again then hurried his chariot back to the shore.  The water roared and slapped the riverbed filling in the dry path.  His best soldiers cried out then he heard them no more.

Waves continued to slap into each other and reaching out to the shore to pull sand and rock into the river.  Pharaoh’s jaw fell open.  He looked across the Red Sea to the other shore. Even though they were far and seemed small, he could see them move as though dancing and singing.

Pharaoh fell to the ground and lowered his head. For the second time since he knew Moses he allowed himself to cry.

The first time Pharaoh might have cried was when his son died in the tenth plague.

1.  Why couldn’t Pharaoh see the Israelites move?
2.  Why couldn’t Pharaoh’s army capture the Israelites?
3.  How did God help the Israelites escape?
4.  God gave Pharaoh many chances to change his mind and to follow Him.  Why didn't Pharaoh trust in God?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pharaoh's Coming-No Place to Hide

By Mary Vee
Exodus 14:10-22

Moses turned back to watch the large group of Israelites.  "Aaron, this is the first time I've seen them happy, real happy."

Aaron walked backwards for a few steps. "You're right.  They’ve dreamed about this day for a long time.  I think many of them never believed it would come, yet, today they're singing praises to the Lord."

Aaron and Moses faced forward to continue in the direction God showed.  Moses pointed upward. "The cloud is shifting east."

The people followed their leader in a southeasterly direction.  They didn't feel tired or complain about their sand filling their sandals.  Some sang, some told stories, some walked silently.

One of the leaders ran up toward Moses. "Look behind.  Up on that ridge."

Moses looked back.  A large cloud of dust rolled forward.  "It’s Pharaoh's army!"

Israelites walking in the front of the group whipped around and stared. Soon the entire group stopped. "Lord, what’s happening!  Save us! Pharaoh will kill us."

A few leaders moved close to the front. "Why did you bring us to the wilderness to die, Moses?  Why did you bring us out of Egypt?  Didn't we say, 'Leave us alone to serve the Egyptians'?  It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness.

Moses raised his hands toward the people.  "Shh. Don't be afraid." He looked into their eyes until he had their attention. "Stand still. Watch what the Lord will do for you today. You will never see these Egyptians again. Watch. The Lord will fight for you and bring peace."

The cloud, which led them from Goshen to, the Red Sea floated over their heads and settled behind them. The people looked back and sighed. “We can’t see the Egyptians. Now what do we do?”

Moses walked to the shore and gazed at the water before him.  "Lord, what would you have us do?"

The Lord answered. "Lead the people forward. Lift your rod and stretch out your hand over the water to divide it.  The children of Israel will cross the sea on dry ground.  In the meantime I will harden the Egyptian's heart and they will follow you.  By tomorrow, the Egyptians will know I am the Lord."

Moses raised his rod and stretched his hand over the sea. A strong wind blew from the east across the water chopping the flow in half and pushing the two sides high into the air.  A wall of water stood to the north. A second wall stood to the south. 

Moses laughed as he set his foot on the dry waterbed. He waved the people forward. “Look!  Look what God has done for you.” He waved the people forward again. “Go now. God has made a way, when we thought there was no way.”

Aaron and Moses helped the Israelites across the riverbed, making sure each one safely made it to the other shore. 

Sometimes problems seem too big for God to help.  This story helps us know for sure that God will always take care of us.

1. What did 3 things did Moses tell the people to do?
2. When Moses didn’t know what to do next, whom did he ask?
3. How did God hide the Israelites from the Egyptians?
4. What was God’s plan to save the Israelites? 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun-Harvest Game

By Mary Vee

This time of the year many places in the world can harvest foods to use all winter.  Our game today will see how many harvest foods we know.

Match the picture below with the correct word choice.

1.   Carnival Squash                         2. Butternut Squash                 3. Spaghetti Squash
4.   Pumpkin Squash                        5. Banana Squash                   6. Zuchanni Squash
7.   Summer Squash                        8. Acorn Squash                      9. Turbin Squash
10. Gold Nugget Squash

A                                           B

   C                                          D

   E                                          F

  G                                          H

  I                                            J

How Did You Do?

If you need, here is the answer key:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pharaoh's Mistake

By Mary Vee

"Oh, great Pharaoh, I've received word that the children of Israel have escaped." The advisor stepped back and waited for a reply.

Pharaoh squinted back at the advisor. "They've done what?"

"Our spies report they have journeyed toward the Red Sea and set up camp."  The advisor raised his hands. "What do you want done?"

"What about my building projects, are they moving forward?"

"Why no, my liege.  The Israelites have left.  Who is to do the work?  Your people have had to take on all the tasks done by the Israelites: cooking, cleaning, caring for the animals, tending the fields."

Pharaoh got up from his throne chair and paced.  "Why have we done this?  Why did we let the Israelites go?  Isn't it bad enough plagues destroyed our crops, animals, and many of our people. Must we suffer without slaves?"

The advisor didn't answer.

Pharaoh grunted and stomped toward the window overlooking Egypt.  "Make ready my chariot and the army.  I want them ready to leave in an hour." 

The advisor bowed then left.  An hour later he returned to report the army stood ready outside the city.  Pharaoh ran to his chariot and  rode to the front.  "Let us not allow the Israelites to escape.  We will overpower them and drag them back into service."

The soldiers cheered.  Pharaoh signaled his driver to proceed. 

The chariots raced to the south east, tracking the Israelites along the way.  A cloud of dust rolled up behind the chariots, raising high into the sky.  Pharaoh's army came to a hill overlooking the Red Sea.  "We have them now! Although the sun grows dim they can't escape.  How foolish of Moses to trap them between the Red Sea, the desert and my mighty army."

A large cloud set over the Red Sea moved over the children of Israel. The cloud continued to move between Pharaoh and the children of Israel.  The thickness of the cloud prevent Pharaoh from seeing the Hebrews.

Pharaoh signaled his army to stop.  His captain rode near.  "We can't see through the cloud.  If we moved forward the horses could stumble and fall."

"Yes, yes, I agree.  Make camp here.  As soon as the cloud lifts, we'll capture those Hebrews." 

"As you wish, great Pharaoh."

Darkness set in over the Egyptian camp. 


1.  Why did the work in Egypt stop?
2.  Who did Pharaoh want to capture?
3.  What stopped Pharaoh from his chase?
4.  What do you think will happen?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tenth Plague-Pharaoh Surrenders

By Mary Vee
Ex 12:29-37

Aaron drummed his fingers on the table.  He held back a yawn. "Must be near midnight."

Moses took a sip of water. "I think we'll hear from Pharaoh soon." He leaned back and closed his eyes. "I'm sleepy and excited all at the same time. So much has happened--The ten plagues; dealing with Pharaoh; reassuring our people, it's been a long journey.  And we've only begun."

"Moses, do you think the death angel will kill first-born Israelites?"

"God's instructions were clear.  He said to get a perfect lamb, paint the blood on the door post, stay inside, cook the meat over fire, eat the meal and wait.  They all knew what to do."

Aaron sighed. "Will Pharaoh let us go?"

Moses nodded. "God said he would.  Tomorrow we'll leave this place, I'm sure."

A few moments later, four guards shoved the front door open. "Pharaoh calls for you. Let's go." The guards grabbed Moses and Aaron, pressing them out of the house. No one said a word. The guards grumbled to each other, "You've gone too far this time, Moses.  Wait 'til Pharaoh deal with you." The guards hurried Moses and Aaron to the council chamber.

Pharaoh glanced at them then lowered his head and moaned. He remained silent for a moment. Then groaned for his deep loss. "My son, my son is dead."  

He shook his head then swiped a tear. His voice crackled. "Go away from my people, both you and the children of Israel."  His chest raised with a sob. He pressed his fists against his chest and moaned again.  "Serve the Lord as you have said.  Take your flocks and herds and be gone, and bless me also."

The chamber remained silent. After a few moments, Pharaoh raised his hand to signal the guards.  One reached out and shoved Moses.  "The sooner you and your people leave, the better." 

Another guard growled. "If they don't leave soon we'll all be dead." He turned to Moses. "Hurry up, get moving."

Moses couln't keep up with the pace the guards set.  He stumbled a few times before finding his balance. A crowd of Hebrews gathered outside their housing to greet Moses and Aaron.  They stood silent until the guards left. "Is this the time we leave?"

Moses smiled and nodded. "Yes! Take your unleavened dough the silver, gold, and clothing given to you from the Egyptians and prepare to leave at once."

The old and young people hugged each other and laughed.  "We're leaving. We're free, at last!" The sun rose higher in the eastern sky, showing them the way.  The people played tamborines and other instruments, sang praises to God and danced for joy while leaving the only life they knew to find the land God promised.

1. What made Pharaoh decide to let the children of Israel go?
2. What happened to the first born children in Egypt.  Why?
3. What did the Egyptians given to the children of Israel?
4. Unleaven dough doesn't have yeast. Yeast makes bread tall and fluffy. Without yearst bread looks like a pancake or cracker.  Why did the people take unleavened dough with them?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Outdoor Fun-Helmet Game

By Mary Vee

Playing outdoors can be a lot of fun. Sometimes kid can be hurt.  Helmets have been designed to protect you while having fun.  Here is a helmet game for you.

Can you tell which helmet is for which sport?  Match the letter under the helmet with the correct number:

 1.  Hockey             2.  Ski                 3. Bicycle
 4.  Snowmobile    5.  Race Car       6. Dirtbike
 7.  Jetski                8. Baseball        9. Football
10. Karate

       A          B                             C           D

       E            F                       G               H

                                                          I             J

How did you do?

Want to check your answers?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

God Can Save You-Passover

By Mary Vee
Exodus 11:1-28

Moses called a meeting of all the Israelites.  The people gathered after supper in a large open space.  Moses climbed up on a rock to help everyone see him. 

Photo Courtesy
When the crowd hushed, Moses smiled.  "Our time has come.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has spoken instructions for us."

The Hebrew people cheered.  Moses raised his hands. "Hear me.  God instructs every man and woman to ask the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold. Do this tomorrow then return for more instructions.

The next evening, after supper, the people gathered and shared their stories from the day. "I did as Moses said.  The Egyptian woman gave me all this gold and silver--look!" 

Other's chimed in about their experiences. "Pharaoh's servants said you are a great man, Moses.  So many of the Egyptians spoke of your greatness."

Moses raised his hands to quiet the people. "Here is your next instruction: each household is to take a lamb big enough to feed those in the home. If your household is too small, share with your neighbor. The lamb is to be a yearling male without blemish. Paint the doorpost of your home with the blood of the lamb then cook the meat over fire.  No one is to leave your home. At midnight the Lord will pass over the land of Egypt and will strike the firstborn dead in every home where the door post has not been painted with the blood of a lamb. Be ready, for the Lord will tell us to leave."

The people bowed their heads and worshiped the Lord then left to obey God's instructions.

Aaron and Moses walked side by side back to their home.  "Tonight's the night, Moses?  We're finally leaving this place?"

"Yes. The Lord said we'll leave after this next plague."

They joined the other Hebrew families choosing a male lamb without blemish.  Aaron pointed to a lamb. "I think this one will do, it's a male yearling about the right size for our family, and I don't see any blemishes."  After Aaron chose the lamb, he and Moses took it to their home for dinner. 

Photo Courtesy
Women in the neighborhood called their children to help prepare the meal inside the homes. Men painted the doorposts by dipping a bunch of hyssop into the blood.  The men nodded to their neighbors, wished them peace then went in their own homes. 

Each family gathered around their table for the special supper.  After the meal they talked about what might happen the next day and sang songs.  Not long after, the children went to bed while the adults prepared to leave.

Aaron sat quietly and listened.    "Is it midnight?"
"Soon. I expect Pharaoh will call for us yet tonight." 

"What will our new home be like?"

Moses smiled.  "We will harvest our crops and have plenty to feed our animals.  We will live in our own homes and worship the Lord in freedom."

Aaron leaned on his staff. "What if some Egyptians took a perfect yearling lamb, cooked it over fire and painted their doorposts with the blood.  Do you think God would save them?"

Moses nodded.  "God is just.  He gave Pharaoh many chances before hardening his heart."

"I suppose we'll find out tonight if any did."


1.  What was Aaron and Moses waiting to happen?
2.  What name did God give this special night?
3.  Why did God ask the Israelites to eat this special meal on this night?
4.  What kind of lamb did the families have to get?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ninth Plague-Pharaoh Felt the Darkness

By Mary Vee
Exodus 10:21-29

I am the great Pharaoh.  I rule Egypt.  All who live in my kingdom should obey my every word.  My scribe is recording the events of the past three days as I dictate. 

Three days ago, in the afternoon, I conducted business as usual.  Well, not exactly as usual.  Since the Hebrew prophet, Moses, arrived in Egypt I've had nothing but problems. 

Moses speaks for the Hebrew God, words of letting the Hebrews go to sacrifice and serve their God.  He came to me eight times repeating the same message, "Let the Israelites go into the wilderness to sacrifice and serve their God."  Each time I grew more tired of his words. Each time I refused, the Hebrew God sent a punishment: water turned to blood, frogs, lice, flies, disease upon our livestock, boils, hail, and locust.  My country has suffered. We have no food.  We've lost most of our animals. Our homes have been damaged.
I met with my advisors regarding the Israelite slaves.  As the chief advisor spoke his first word darkess rolled through the sky.  We assumed a storm was approaching.  I ran to the window and watched a black cloud swirling through the air, seeping into buildings around the palace. 

I commanded the servants to light every torch, but the light grew weak.  One advisor requested to postpone the meeting until the darkness passed.  I agreed and dismissed the meeting. 

Never had I felt such darkness before. My arms and legs grew heavy.  There wasn't enough air to satisfy my lungs.  My hands, neck, and head poured nervous sweat.

Like everyone else in the palace, I stumbled about.  Guards delivered their report of the thick darkness throughout Egypt, except in the area where the Israelites lived.  Why were they spared?

The second day of darkness brought anger.  Citizens of Egypt screamed at each other.  They grew hungry, afraid to sleep, and lonely.  This had to be Moses' fault. He brought fear into Egypt.  I determined to not let the Hebrews go or give into him.

Toward the end of the thrid day, I could bare the strain no longer.  The citizens stopped shouting and cried.  Their lamenting hurt my ears.  If the darkness lasted another day, I fear we'd all go crazy. 

"Guard, bring Moses."

Sometime later a guard announced Moses' presence. I couldn't see him.  I raised my fist, even though he couldn't see it.  "Moses, go, serve the Lord; only let your flocks and your herds be kept back."

Moses answered. "You need to give us sacrifices and burnt offerings that we may sacrifice to the Lord our God. Our livestock will also go with us to serve the Lord, nothing shall be left behind."

Nothing is good enough for him.  He wants me to let all of the Israelites and everything they own leave Egypt.  I won't listen to him repeat this message one more time. "Get away from me! You will not see my face again.  For on the day that you do, you shall die!"

Moses cleared his throat. "You have spoken well. I will never see your face again."

Shortly after Moses left the palace, the darkness ended.

1.  Name the nine plagues (answers are in this story)
2.  This is the first plague God sent before Moses asked Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go.  Why do you think God sent the plague first this time?
3.  What do you think darkness feels like?
4.  Why do you think God chose darkness as the ninth plague?  Remember there is only one more plague as you think about your answer.

Click the comment button below to tell your answers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall fun-Match the Leaves Game

By Mary Vee

I actually had a fall tip in mind, but I also wanted to share this game with you.  Because of the time of the year for many of us I decided the game would be best for today.

Fall leaves can be a lot of fun. You can collect them, make crafts, shuffle your feet through them, toss them at others, and smell themBut, do you know which leaf is which?  Test your skills with this game:

Match the leaf to the correct name.

  1. Black Walnut           2. Birch                3. Black Cherry
  4. Oak                         5. Cottonwood      6. Horsechesnut
  7. Maple                      8. Ash                  9. White Poplar
10. Black Willow



How did you do?  Click on the comment button and tell your score.

If you want to check your answers, here is the answer key:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eighth Plague-food thieves

By Mary Vee
Exodus 10:1-20

Two guards walked with Moses and Aaron down the hall toward Pharaoh's chamber.  One guard stopped while the other opened the door. "Pharaoh, they're here...again."

Pharaoh sighed and turned away from his work. "Send them in."  Moses and Aaron walked to the front of the chamber.  They ignored the whispers from servants standing along the wall.  Pharaoh huffed. "I tire of this game we play, Moses.  What do you want this time?"

Moses bowed. "The Lord God of the Hebrews asks how long will you refuse to humble yourself before Him?  Let the Israelites go that they may serve the Lord, or, if you refuse, tomorrow locusts will come to your territory."

Pharaoh rolled his eyes.  "Locust?"

"Yes, the locust will cover all the ground so that no one will be able to see any dirt. The locust will eat what is left from the hail damage and evey tree that is growing up in the fields. You will find them in your house, your servants houses, and all the houses in Egypt."

Moses and Aaron turned and walked out of the hall. The guard chuckled and stepped quickly to catch up. "Wait, Moses. That is--if you want to leave the palace safely."

The guards left Moses outside the palace then ran back to hear what Pharaoh would say. Two servants stepped forward to speak. "Pharaoh, how long are you going to let that man cause trouble? Let the Israelite men go  to serve the Lord their God.  Egypt cannot withstand another plague!"

Pharaoh rubbed his forehead.  "Fine. Guards, bring Moses back."

One guard slapped the other. "Let's go."  They ran down the hall and out the palace to find Moses and Aaron. "This is crazy. Is Pharaoh going to change his mind?"

"I don't know."  They ran further down the road until they spotted Moses.  "Moses, stop.  Pharaoh wishes to speak with you."

The guards escorted Moses and Aaron back into Pharaoh's chamber.  Pharaoh raised his chin. "I've decided to let you go serve the Lord. Who all will be going with you?"

Moses bowed. "The young and old, our sons and daughters, our flocks and herds that we may hold a feast to the Lord."

Pharaoh squinted his eyes. "The Lord had better be with you the day I let you and your young ones leave, because I will bring evil upon you.  Leave me at once."

A group of guards grabbed Moses and Aaron and threw them out of the chamber. The guards watched as they left the palace grounds.  Moses stretched out his rod over the land of Egypt.  A great wind from the east stirred and blew with such power, forcing the guards to hide inside.  They peeked out the door and saw a cloud of specks growing larger.  "Locusts.  Just as he said.  Locust are coming!"

The wind blew all day and all night bringing millions of locust. Every plant in the fields disappeared from the ground and all the fruit left from the hail vanished.  The servants cried out, "We'll starve."

Pharaoh paced in his chamber.  "Get Moses back here, now."  Once Moses and Aaron appeared in his chamber, Pharaoh took a deep breath. "I have sinned against the Lord your God and against you. Now, please forgive my sin only this once, and ask the Lord your God to take away the locust."

The guards watched Moses walk outside the palace and raise his eyes toward the sky.  Moments later a wind from the west sailed through Egypt scooping up every locust.  Not one was left in the land.

Pharaoh called Moses back. "I've changed my mind.  The Israelites will not go."

Eight plagues.  Pharaoh hasn't learned his lesson yet? 

1. Who asked Pharaoh to listen to Moses and let the Israelite men go to serve the Lord?
2. How did God send the locust?
3. What did the locust do? Why was this a problem?
4. How did God get rid of the locust?
5. When do you think Pharaoh will let the Israelites go?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seventh Plague-Pharaoh's 2nd Thoughts

By Mary Vee
Exodus 10:1-20

Servants standing guard outside Pharaoh's palace spread the word  to others that Moses and Aaron were coming. 

One servant laughed. "I want to see what they'll say this time."

Another answered. "I wouldn't talk like that if I were you.  Haven't we been through enough? Water turned to blood, frogs everywhere including our beds, lice making me itch until I screamed, flies buzzing around our heads and in our food, animals dying from disease, and skin boils. I still have a few that aren't healed."

The first servant shook his head.  "Would you rather Pharaoh let the Israelites go?  If he freed them we'll be stuck doing their work and ours.  Toughen up.  I agree with Pharaoh."

"I don't." The second sighed.  "Any God powerful enough to make these plagues is a God to be respected."

The servants sneaked into Pharaoh's throne room. They found hundreds of other servants already gathered along the side of the room and in corners.  Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron to come forward. 

Aaron bowed. "Pharaoh, the Lord God of the Hebrews says 'Let my people go that they may serve me.' If you don't, He'll send the next plague to your very heart, your servants hearts, and all the people of Egypt so that you will know there is none like Him in all the earth.  Tomorrow, the Lord will cause a heavy hail to rain down such as has not been in Egypt before. Gather your livestock and all you have in the field to protect them from the hail."  Aaron and Moses turned and left.

The servants whispered, "Should we believe him?"  "I won't take a chance, I'm bringing everything in from the fields tomorrow." "I'm not worried. My servants and animals will be fine."

The next morning many servants woke to clear skies and laughed. "I told you we were safe."

One servant shook his head. "You're foolish. Watch, I believe the Hebrew God will bring hail."

Shortly after breakfast, a loud thunderclap pounded in the sky.  Dark clouds rolled in faster than spit fell to the ground.  The servants gathered together near the door of Pharaoh's palace.  "Should we go inside?" 

One looked up as a large piece of hail fell to the ground.  He turned and ran inside. "Take cover!"  Hail pounded on the fields and around Egypt causing layers of ice balls to form on the ground.  

One servant's eyes teared.  "My son's harvesting in the fields today."

Another sighed. "My servants are safely inside our home."

Hours later the servants watched Moses and Aaron approach Pharaoh's palace. One servant turned to another. "Why isn't hail falling on them?"

"Because their God is protecting them."

Once inside Pharaoh's chamber, Moses and Aaron were pushed toward the front. 

Pharaoh folded his arms and shook his head.  "I have sinned this time. The Lord is righteous, and my people and I are wicked. Ask the Lord to take away the might thundering and hail, for it is enough.  I will let you go, and you shall stay no longer."

Moses closed his eyes. "I will do as you say, but as for you and your servants, I know you will not fear the Lord God.

A few servants followed Moses out of the city and watched him spread his arms wide to the Lord. As he did, the hail stopped.  One servant turned to the other, "See I told you not to be afraid. The Israelite slaves will stay here, where they belong."

This is the first of the plagues where Pharaoh said he was sorry. 

1. Do you think Pharaoh really was sorry that he sinned?  Why?
2. Some of the servants listened to Moses' warning and hid their servants. Why didn't the 
3. Did you know the hail was big and powerful enought to knock down trees? Read Ex 9:25
4. Can you name the first seven plagues in order?  The answer is in this story.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Tip #5--An Interview with B. A. C. Pack

By Mary Vee

Last week a TV reporter named Alice Ask-a-lot decided to take her cameraman and microphone to a local school to interview students.  "Be on the look out for an interesting idea."  She glanced to her left and noticed a boy lugging a heavy backpack into the school. 

"Role the camera and follow me. I think I found a story."  She ran toward the boy. "Ummm excuse me, I'm Alice Ask-a-lot from Q2 TV, could I ask--"

"Am I on TV?"

Miss Ask-a-lot held the microphone closer to the boy. "You might be.  Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Sure, awesome." 

"First question. What is your name?"

"Benjamin Adam Charles Pack, but every one calles me Bac."

"OK, Bac, I see you have a heavy backpack. Does it hurt your shoulders to carry it?"

"No. Not at all.  I got a new one this year.  See these pads, they fit on my shoulders. My shoulders are fine." Bac let his arms slide out of the straps then swung the backpack to the front.

"Looks like you bag is heavy today.  Do you have a lot of homework?"

Bac slid the zipper then pulled the opening wide.  " Last night I did.  I'm careful to set my heaviest books on the side that goes near my back on days like this.  Next I put medium and light weight things like spirals, and stuff."

Miss Ask-a-lot motioned to the camera person to zoom in on the backpack.  "But doesn't your back hurt from carrying such a heavy pack?"

"Nope. On days that I need to take home lots of books, I use the strap that buckles around my stomach.  The weight stays close to my back." 

The school bell rang.  "I need to go. Nice to meet you Miss Ask-a-lot."

"Nice to meet you too, Bac Pack.  And there you have it ladies and gentlemen  easy steps to carry a backpack safely--see you next time." 

Miss Ask-a-lot dropped her microphone to her side.  "Well, I didn't expect to do an interview on the safety of backpacks--but I'm glad I did."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sixth Plague

By Mary Vee
Exodus 9:8-12

Moses came back to the house early.  Aaron looked up from his work surprised.  "Didn't the Lord speak to you this evening?"

"Yes. He wants you to join me tonight."

"Me?" Aaron rubbed his dusty hands on his clothes.  "I--wait--are you sure?"

"Yes. Follow me, I'll take you there." Moses turned to walk out the door. 

Aaron set his project aside and ran after Moses.  "What's going on.  Is this the time?  Will Pharaoh finally let the children of Israel leave?"

Moses laughed at his brother.  "Slow down.  Why do you think I know the answers to these questions?"

"Well, the Lord speaks to you.  I guess I thought He'd tell you when the time is right for us to leave."

Moses nodded.  "Perhaps He will tell me--but He hasn't yet."

The brothers hurried to the place where Moses spent time with God.  Moses whispered to his brother, "Take your sandles off."

Both brothers removed their shoes. The waited for the Lord to speak to them.  "Moses, Aaron, take handfuls of ashes from a furnace and let Moses scatter it toward the sky while Pharaoh is watching you.  As you throw it in the air, the ashes will become a fine dust in all of Egypt and will cause boils on the skin of the Egyptians and every animal."

Moses turned to Aaron, "We can go now. We have our instructions."  Aaron slipped his sandles back on and joined Moses for the walk back home.

The next day the brothers stood before Pharaoh in his chamber.  Pharaoh rolled his eyes.  "Why do I let you torment me day after day, Moses?  Each time you visit you bring the same message, "Let my people go--let my people go"--blah, blah, blah.  I do not wish to hear you say it again. Leave me."

Aaron bowed in respect and cleared his throat. Pharaoh raised his hand toward Aaron. "Don't think of saying that message to me."

Aaron nodded. "I will do as you say, Pharaoh.  Moses is going to show you something."

Pharaoh squinted toward Moses.  "What?"

Moses opened his hands to let Pharaoh see the ashes.  He tossed every speck in the air, as God said.  The specks flew high above the people's head and out toward the citizens throughout the city. 

The people in Pharaoh's chamber cheereed at  the amazing trick until deep sores burst on their skin.  They rubbed the sores and cried out, "Pharaoh save us!"

Pharaoh, rubbed the sores on his own body.  "Magicians. I command you to perform this trick."

The magicians fell to the floor.  "We cannot, oh Pharaoh." They looked at each other and cried. "We cannot stay any longer."  The magicians forced themselves to creep out of the chamber.

Pharaoh rubbed his sores.  "You magicians will pay for your disrespect."  He whipped around to face Moses and Aaron.  "No! I will not let the children of Israel go."

Aaron and Moses walked to the door without a guard.  Every Egyptian they passed cried out, "The boils hurt!"


1.  Why does Pharaoh want the children of Israel to stay as his slaves?
2.  Name the first five plagues. (you may look at past stories)
3.  What did God ask Moses to throw into the air?
4.  Who did the Egyptian people ask to save them.  Who is the only one who could really save them?