Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Burning Bush

By Mary Vee
Exodus 3:1-4

"Zipporah, I'm taking the flock toward the back side of the desert.  I think there might be fresh pasture there."

"Moses, my husband, do you realize how proud my father is to have you in our family?"
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Moses smiled. "It's the first time someone's been proud of my work. When I lived in the palace, I had all these rules to follow like: what clothes to wear, what to eat, where to go and when I could go there. My days were filled with classes and training sessions.  I'm glad I don't have to go back.  I like living here."

"Do you, really?"

Moses hugged his wife. "Yes, I really do.  Look, I need to go before the sun scorches the earth."

"See you tomorrow." Zipporah waved and walked back into her tent. 

Sunrise colors painted the morning sky. Moses led the flock out of the fold and into the desert. "Looks like a hot day today, my little friends.  Hot enough to start a fire."  Several sheep answered back with bleating.

Along the way Moses found scrub plants splattered here and there.  He hurried the sheep along. They followed his call and sped up.  After a few hours, Moses reached the back side of the desert. 

"Look! The pasture is better than I thought.  Come, my furry friends, eat as much as you want."  The sheep followed him to the lush grasses.  Moses laughed.  "No pushing.  There's plenty for all of you!" 

He plopped down on a soft patch of grass near a shade tree and rested.  A few whisps of cloud floated by in the sky.  He sighed then reached out to a lamb.  "Hey little fella.  You're fine.  I'll take care of you."  The lamb nuzzled close.

Not much later the sheep settled in the soft grass. A few napped.  Moses took a few steps away and noticed a brook.  He let the sheep rest for a short while then called to them.  The flock followed him to the brook where they took a drink.  Once again the flock settled down on the grass.  Most fell asleep. 

Moses found a rock near the water's edge where he could dip his feet in the cool water while keep an eye on the sheep.  The same lamb cuddled close to his leg. "We found a nice place, didn't we."  The little lamb bleated.

After eating his supper, Moses walked a ways.  Further up a path he noticed an unusual bush.  He took a few steps closer.  The bush was not unusual, it was on fire.  Moses rubbed his eyes.  Do my eyes play tricks on me?  That bush is on fire, but it isn't burning.

He walked closer.  "Why isn't the bush burning?"  He stared at the bush.  "What is making the fire?''

He stepped near enough that the flames felt warm on his skin.

"Moses. Moses."

Moses jumped back. He looked to his left then his right.  No one was near him.  Who said that?  He looked closer and realized the voice came from the bush.  Moses tipped his head to the side. "Here I am."

Who called Moses? 
Why was the bush on fire?
What was Moses doing on the backside of the desert?

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Anonymous said...

I like this story!! :)

Mary Vee said...

Thank you for stopping by today. Each day I pray for the readers who stop by, that God will bless them. Yeah!

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