Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School Tip #1

By Mary Vee

Starting a new school year can be exciting and scary. The next few weeks we will talk about some back to school tips.  If you have any suggestions, write them in the comment box to help all of us.

This week we'll talk about friends.  Friendship can be the most important part of a good school year.  Whether you go to a public school, private school, or are homeschooled you need friends. 

Some people, like my older sister, make friends as fast as a cheetah runs.  Other's, like me, feel shy about making friends.

Tips for making a friend or renewing a friendship from last school year:

1. Talk -- Since other kids can't read you mind, you are going to have to talk.  Let's practice

"Hi.  My name is Mrs. Vee, what's yours?"

This is your time to talk--when you answer a question, think of a question to ask back. You could ask something like, "What did you do this summer?"

"Thanks for asking.  I went to a rodeo in Cody, Wyoming.  I've never been to a rodeo before.  It was awesome.  What did you do this summer?

Your turn to answer again.  If you ask a question after answering your question, it gives you a break from talking.  Sometimes the other person will talk and talk, sometimes they will say a few sentences.  Either way, you won't have to talk for a few minutes.  The great part is you get to hear stuff about the other person and soon you might find exciting things to talk about that you both like.

How did you do?  Are you ready to make a new friend? Need more help?  OK

2. Look-- Look at the person talking to you.  If I look at the ground, the person will think I'm sad.  If I look toward the ceiling, the person will think I'm bored.  If I look to the sides, the person will think I'm interested in something else.  The best choice is to look at your new friend.  When you do you will see what they are saying! It's true.  When a person is happy, they may not say something but their eyebrows will go up.  When someone is excited their eyes will become wide.  When a person is angry, their eyes get squinty.    Let's practice:

"Hi. My name is Mrs. Vee, what's yours?"  (I have a smile)

This is your turn to talk.  What look do you have on your face right now?  I'm looking to see if you are happy.

3.  Touch--Usually new people will give some signal that they are willing to be friends.  Some people reach their hands out to give a handshake, some slap five, others might only nod.  Nod can count as a touch.

Making friends is important.  Having a friend can...

Give you someone to talk to when you're having a bad day
Give you someone to tell a great story to.
Give you someone who will tell you nicely that you have food on your face to keep you from being
Give you someone to play with for recess.
Give you someone to have a sleepover with.
Give you someone who will still be your friend even
   when you make a mistake like dropping your lunch
    tray before you eat lunch.

Ready to make a friend?

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