Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jacob Agrees to Help Laban

By Mary Vee
Genesis 30:29-36

Jacob paced. How can Laban do this to me? I've done everything he's asked and more. He honestly expects me to stay--here--on his land?

He whipped around and faced his uncle. "You know how I've served you and how your livestock has increased since I've worked for you. When I came you had very little, and now your cattle, sheep, everything has increased to a large amount. God has blessed you since my coming--when do you expect me to provide for my own house?

Laban sighed. His arms drooped next to his body. He lowered his head. A moment later he reached his arms out to Jacob. "What can I possibly give you to convince you to stay? Come on, Jacob. There must be something."

Jacob looked longingly past the pastures toward the horizon. "Nothing. There is nothing you can give. But--"

Laban picked up his head. His eyes went wide. "Yes? What do you want? Name it--anything!"

Jacob stroked his beard and looked out at the flock. "I will care for your flocks. In exchange, let me pass through all the animals today and take out all the speckled and spotted sheep and goats and all the brown lambs. These will be my wages."

Jacob folded his arms and thought for a moment. "Yes. This is what I ask for my wages to pay me to stay and care for your flocks. That way, in time, anyone could clearly see which animals belong to me and which belong to you."

Laban set his hand by his mouth.

Jacob watch him. He knows the spotted and speckled animals rarely produce strong animals. He's probably thinking I'm foolish. He will soon see I know exactly what I'm doing.

Laban nodded. "I agree. You may go today and do as you have said." A smile burst on his face and he gave Jacob a hug. "I'm glad you're staying."

Laban turned right away toward the flock. He examined each animal for spots or speckles in their fur.

Jacob watched. He shook his head. He agreed that I would separate the animals. What is he doing?

Laban separated the animals for Jacob into another pasture then instructed his sons to drive the animals three days journey away.

Laban walked over to Jacob. "There, I've sent my sons to drive you herds far enough away to prevent any misunderstandings."

Jacob saw Laban's smile was the same as the day he promised to let Jacob marry Rachel. He's trying to trick me again! He sighed. That's OK. He raised his head. My flock will still prosper.

Jacob offered a good plan, a fair for Laban, but Laban still planned to cheat Jacob. Jacob could have left right away, but he wouldn't have any flocks. He needed to stay long enough to build up his own herd. Once again, he worked for someone who wasn't fair.

Sometimes we do work for someone. We may expect a "thank you", a gift, or money. When the person doesn't give anything we may get upset or demand some kind of payment. What would be the right choice?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jacob's Tough Decision

by Mary Vee
Genesis 29:31-30:28

Jacob wiped the sweat from his brow. One of the shepherds sighed. "Sure is hot today."

Jacob glanced back across the pasture toward the house and noticed his sons playing a game. "The Lord has bless me with many sons in such short time."

The shepherd sat on a nearby rock. "I remember the day Reuben was born. Leah was so surprised she shouted, 'Look! I have a son!'"

Jacob leaned against his staff. "He was barely walking when Simeon was born. Those boys sure kept Leah busy. They fought like two lion cubs."

The shepherd smiled. "Since then Levi and Judah, Dan and Naphtali, Gad and Asher, Issachar and Zebulun joined your family. Sure is a healthy bunch of boys."

"True." Jacob picked up his staff and guided a lamb back to the flock. "When I'm released from my service to Laban, I'll set up a home back in the land God gave to my family. With the help of those boys, we should live as kings."

The shepherd swallowed some water and stood. "Look, there's your little girl toddling out to the boys. She'd better watch out or they'll run into her."

Jacob laughed. "Oh, don't worry about Dinah. She's a tough girl. If she isn't near the action, she cries. Even at her young age she demands the best and the most popular things."

Jacob wiped the sweat again and returned to his work. The wind whistled through the trees and the sheep bleated. Through the sounds he heard his name and turned.

A servant ran toward him. "Jacob, Jacob"

"What's wrong?"

The servant stood for a second and caught his breath. "Your wife, Rachel, has given birth to a son. She said to tell you--his name is 'Joseph'"

Jacob leaped and clapped his hands. "A son? My beautiful Rachel has given me a son? I've waited so long for a son from her."

The servant smiled. "Yes. His name is Joseph."

Jacob ran back to the house laughing. "My Rachel has given me a son. My beautiful Rachel has given me a son."

The nurse greeted him by the door. "Shhh! You'll scare the baby."

Jacob crept closer to his son. He touched the baby's hand. "Tomorrow, my little one, ends the seven years of service to your grandfather. It's time we go to the land God has given to our family, don't you think?"

Baby Joseph squeaked then yawned. Jacob smiled. "My son."

The next day, Jacob met with Laban. "The time has come, Uncle. I've served my seven years as we agreed. You know I've done honest work that has prospered you. I want to take my wives and children back to the land God has given my family."

Laban trembled. He stepped closer to Jacob. "No. Please stay. Please, if I have found any favor in your eyes. Jacob, my son, I have learned by experience that the Lord has blessed me because of your you. You must stay. You could raise your family here with us."

Laban set his arm on Jacob's shoulder. "Name you price. I'll pay anything. Only, please stay."

What will Jacob do? Should he stay at his uncle's and continue working for him or should he go back to the land God gave his family? Will Laban lie to him again?

Some decisions are hard to make. We might wonder which choice we should make. What could we do to help us decide?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Truth or Lies Crossword Puzzle

By Mary Vee

HINT: You can find the answers to the clues in recent stories posted on this site or in Genesis 29

3. the one Jacob wanted to marry
8. how long Jacob served Laban altogether
9. Jacob's first wife's name
11. Leah's dad
12. what Laban and Jacob told to people
1. which daughter Laban said had to be married first (not her name)
2. a girl shepherd is called a...
4. what God wants us to tell people
5. he ran away from home
6. how long Jacob served Laban the first time
7. Laban was Jacob's ______________
10. Jacob's brother

HOW DID YOU DO? Click on the comment button to say you finished!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

If We Confess, God Promises to Forgive

by Mary Vee

Genesis 29:25-30
Jacob woke the next morning. He stretched and said, "Good morning" to his new wife, Rachel.

She lifted her veil and said, "Good morning."

His eyes sprang wide, his heart boomed, he began to shake. "Leah! I married Leah?

What...why that Laban...he tricked me!"

Jacob ran out of the house looking for Laban. "Laban! Laban! Where are you? Come out and talk to me."

Laban peaked his head out the living room window of his house then he ducked down.

"Laban. Come out and speak with me, right now!"

Laban slowly opened his front door and stepped out. "Is there a problem, Jacob?"

Jacob squinted his eyes and balled his fist. "What have done to me? Was it not for Rachel that I served you these past seven years? Why then have you deceived me?"

Laban rubbed the back of his neck. "You see, I, ahh, well..It must not be done so in our country. We don't give the younger before the first born is married."

Jacob shook his head I'm so angry, but I need to be respectful since he is Rachel's father. He searched for something nice to say. "You could have told me. Why then did you agree to let me marry Rachel after I served you seven years?"

"I wanted you to stay." Laban sat on a rock nearby. "Your work with the animals brought prosperity to our land. I--I didn't want you to leave."

Jacob huffed. "You only wanted more wealth." He stomped toward his house.

"Wait," Laban called. "Tell you what. Fulfill the wedding week with Leah and then you may also marry Rachel. I, of course, expect you to serve me another seven years to earn the right to marry my second daughter."

Jacob sighed. What can I do? This is the only way I can marry Rachel. "All right. You have my word. I will finish the wedding week, marry Rachel, then serve you another seven years."

Jacob stomped out to the fields to be alone and think. The sun painted the sky with bright morning shades of red and orange. He shook his head and raised his fist. Why did this happen to me? How could my uncle be cruel enough to lie?

Suddenly he remembered his home and his father, mother, and brother. He saw in his mind the whole miserable lie that he told. The day he stood in his father's room with his hands, arms, and neck covered with goat skin and the bowl of goat stew he planned to serve his father. His lying words pretending to be Esau, his brother. Accepting the blessing meant for his brother. And then the kiss on his head from his father, a kiss meant for his brother.

I was as cruel as Laban. He closed his eyes and wept.

After a while, he rubbed the tears from his face and went back home to his wife, Leah. He spent the wedding week with her like he said he would. At the end of the week he married Rachel. He worked hard to serve Laban seven more years like he said he would.

When we choose to sin, God expects us to confess our sins to Him. He promises to forgive us, but this doesn't mean we won't have a consequence. Jacob didn't like being tricked, but he finally understood how Esau felt. God loves you very much. He loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins. He tells us to confess our sins. He promises to forgive us, but that doesn't mean we won't have consequences.

Do you need to ask God to forgive you for something you did wrong? If so, take a minute and ask Him right now. He loves you and He promises to forgive you. Email me at the address on this blog is you have questions.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laben Tricks Jacob

By Mary Vee

Genesis 29:22-

"Well, this is a fine kettle of fish I've gotten myself into." Laban paced back and forth mumbling to the trees, moon rays, grass, anything that might listen.

"What was I thinkin'? How could I promise Rachel to Jacob for a wife?" He huffed and grabbed a handful of grass. He popped the tassels off the tops and smushed them in his hands. "I know no one who has allowed a younger daughter to be married before the older one. What would my Father say? What would my wife say?"

He tossed the remnants of grass on the ground. "I've got to think of a solution."
Laban walked out to the edge of one field. The stars blinked as though sending messages to one another. He gazed at the spotted black sky hoping to find the answer. "Still nothing. No clue. Bah, I may as well go back in the house and tell the wife what I did."

He glanced down in time to see a hole dug by some critter and flung himself out of the way. He shoved his hand against his chest and forced himself to breathe. "This is not my night. I could have fallen and broken my leg." He grumbled all the way back out of the field. As he crossed the front yard he noticed Leah closing up the house for the evening.

Suddenly an answer popped into his head. "I could dress Leah up for the wedding. Since the bride wears her veil and doesn't speak the entire night, Jacob wouldn't know he was marrying Leah instead of Rachel."

He clicked his heals together in the air and laughed. "Yes. Yes. Once Jacob is married to Leah, he can't changed the arrangements." He leaned against the tree near the fire pit. "I will have paid his wage for working these past years...well, it won't be exactly what he asked as payment, but close. After all Leah is my daughter as much as Rachel is."

Laben called a meeting of his wife and Leah. Fortunately, Rachel went to bed already. "I must discuss Jacob with you."

His wife and Leah looked at each other then back at him. "What is it?"

"Well, before supper, Jacob reminded me his seven years of service ended today. He wants to wed Rachel tomorrow."

Leah's jaw opened. "Papa, that's not fair! I'm the oldest. I'm suppose to wed first. I want to marry Jacob. Please, Papa."

Laban held his hands up and tried to sush them. "I have a plan. Tomorrow, before the wedding, I'll send Rachel out with the sheep as usual. I'll have one of the servants hide one of the sheep. Rachel will go out looking for her lost lamb, as she should. When she can't find it, I'll have the servant offer to run back home and ask us to hold off the wedding until she arrives. By the time she returns, the wedding will be over and you, my oldest daughter will be married to Jacob."

His wife and Leah clapped their hands together and smiled. "What a wonderful idea."

The next day, Laban sent Rachel to care for sheep. After she led the herd past the first field he called for a servant. "I have a job for you. Two hours before the sun sets I want you to sneak out to the heard, grab a lamb, and bring it back here. You must not let Rachel see you."

The servant lowered his eyebrows. "Are you sure, my Lord?"

"Yes, absolutely. Once you've brought the lamb here, return to the fields where you'll probably find Rachel searching for the lost lamb. Go to her and offer help. Tell her you'll run back here and have us delay the wedding until she returns."

The servant bowed. "I will do as you asked."

As the sun began to set, the wedding began. Jacob dressed in his best clothes and smiled at his bride in her wedding dress. Her veil covered her face. Laban worked hard to keep from laughing as Jacob took his bride's hand and married the girl he worked hard to earn the right to marry.

Laban certainly didn't act honestly did he? How do you think Rachel felt when she came back. How do you think Jacob felt when he realized what Laban did. So many questions!! Here is another question, how did Leah feel? Because of one lie so many people will be hurt. Has someone's lie hurt you?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Genesis Double Trouble Puzzle

By Mary Vee

DIRECTIONS: Ten Words from our Bible stories last week have been chosen to be our guest for today's puzzle. Unscramble the words then put the correct letter in the boxes along the bottom to find the secret message.


Do you need a hint? Here are two of the words you'll find in the puzzle, Laban, father. Remember they are words taken from the Genesis 29 stories.


Did you find the answer to this maze? Click on the comment button to tell us. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jacob's Work Pleases God

By Mary Vee
Genesis 29:15-21

Before Jacob knew it, days passed by. He enjoyed staying at Uncle Laban's house.

He finished his breakfast and greeted his uncle. "Good morning. Would you mind if I helped with the sheep today? You've given me a place to stay and food, the least I could do is lend a hand."

Laban smiled. "That would be fine."

Jacob joined the other shepherds. He noticed some problems and offered easier ways to do the job. The shepherds seemed pleased.

After dinner, Laban walked with Jacob in the fields. "The shepherds tell me you did a fine job today. They say you have new ideas to share."

"I enjoyed helping. The days have been boring without anything to do."

Laban nodded. "Work is good."

Each night Laban walked with Jacob. They talked about their day, but mostly Jacob did all the talking, suggesting new ideas to increase the flock.

After Jacob had lived at his uncle's for a month, Laban met with him. "You're doing a great job. Much more than I expected."

Jacob hardly knew what to say. "I like working here. I can't explain why, but these ideas keep popping in my head...ideas to make things work better for the flock. It must be God who is helping me."

Laban nodded. "I agree. Anyway, you've been here all this time and haven't received any wage. I feel guilty. Just because you're a relative doesn't mean you should not be paid. Tell, me, what payment do you want?"

Jacob looked back at the house. He watched Leah broom the entryway to the house. He then looked through the window and saw Rachel washing dishes. Leah has pretty eyes, but Rachel is beautiful.

"I've decided what I'd like, Uncle. I will serve you seven years for Rachel, your younger daughter."

Laban stroke his beard. "It's better that I give her to you than that I should give her to another man. All right, you have my blessing. At the end of seven years, you shall have your wage."

With Laban's permission, Jacob used the ideas God continued to give him. Not only did the flocks increase, but so did everything else. Laban grew richer and richer.

Each day of the seven years seemed like a puff of breath to Jacob. On the last day he looked up from his work and saw the sun getting ready to set. "Already? This day is over, already?"

When he walked with Laban that night he turned to him and said, "I have finished the seven years. I've earned the right to marry Rachel."

Laban lifted his head. "So you have." He glanced back at the house where Rachel and Leah were working. "Hmmm, I'll arrange for the wedding to take place tomorrow."

Jacob smiled. "Thank you, Uncle."

During these seven years, Jacob learned the importance of working hard. Laban was pleased with his work. When you work hard, doing the job you're asked to do, God is pleased with you and will bless you. Think of some work you did today or yesterday. Did your finished job make someone happy? Did any one say anything to you?

I did a new job yesterday, I really tried hard. Even though I made a few mistakes I felt really happy on the inside because I know I did my very best. God gave me that happy feeling and he helped others to notice as well. How about you?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Greedy Laban

by Mary Vee
Genesis 29:13-14

Laban ran to the well outside the city so fast, one would think his long lost friend waited there for him. "Jacob! Jacob! How wonderful to see you!"

Jacob looked closely at the man. "Uncle Laban? Is it really you?"

"Yes. Yes. I'm your uncle. Come here, let me look at you." Laban grabbed Jacob's arm and pulled him closer. He hugged him then pushed Jacob arm's reach away. "You look like our side of the family."

Jacob smiled. "Thank you, sir."

Rachel peeked out from behind Laban. Jacob laughed.

Laban turned to her. "Daughter. Shouldn't you take care of the flock?"

She bowed and nodded. "Right away, Father."

"Now, as for you, Nephew." Laban put his hand on Jacob's shoulder. "Gather your servants and come to our home. You are most welcome."

"Thank you." Jacob gave his servants instructions.

Laban stroked his beard and watched to see what Jacob had. I remember when Abraham's servant, Eliezer, came. He brought great riches for my sister's dowry. We became rather wealthy that day. I wonder what Jacob will give us for Rachel.

Laban led the way to his home. He ordered his servants to care for the camels then found suitable sleeping arrangements for his guest.

That night the dinner table had only the best foods. Jacob fit in rather well with the family. He joked and told stories as if he'd always lived there.

Laban laughed along with the others. He reminds me of myself at that age. Fun loving and, of course, respectful.

After the meal Laban walked with Jacob out in the fresh air. "Jacob, tell me your news. How is my sister?"

"Mother is well. Father struggles with bad eyes. He's rather old."

"Is that all you have to say, my nephew?"

Jacob lowered his head. "Well, no." He looked up at the dark sky. Thousands of stars twinkled. "I ran away from home. Well, no. I didn't actually run away from home because your sister, Rebekah, who is my mother, told me to come here." He rubbed the hair on the back of his neck. "Now that I think about it, Isaac, my father, also told me to come here."

Laban rubbed his eyes. "I'm confused. Didn't you come here to marry my daughter?"

"Well, yes. I mean, no. I mean, I did something mean to my brother Esau. I'm afraid it was so bad he'll surely kill me."

"You have a brother?"

Jacob groaned. "He's my twin."

Laban laughed and slapped Jacob on the back playfully. "So my sister told you to come here to hide, I see. She remembered!"

Jacob lowered his head then nodded. "Don't misunderstand. Your daughter, Rachel is very beautiful. I...I think..."

Laban stopped and faced his nephew. "Have you brought anything with you?"

Jacob shrugged sheepishly. "Just myself and my servants."

"That's all? No gifts?" It would be much easier to welcome him if he came with gifts. I can't believe Isaac sent him here without gifts. But if I must help this family member, I must.

Jacob closed his eyes for a second then said. "I'm sorry I don't have anything to give, but, I'd be happy to help with your work."

Laban sighed. "Oh, all right. You can stay." Laban walked back to the house mumbling. "I'm only letting you stay because you're my sister's son."

Laban seemed excited to see Jacob because he thought Jacob had wonderful gifts. Sometimes we are kind or helpful to people because of what we might get from them. God wants us to do kind things for others because we love Him. What could you do for someone that would not earn you a reward this week? Try your idea today. Click on the comment button to tell us what you could do. Then come back and click on the comment button to tell us what happened. I'm excited to see your answer:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jacob Needs Help Maze

By Mary Vee

Jacob went on a long journey away from his home. He was afraid his brother Esau would hurt him. His mother told him to go to the city where she grew up. She said her family would help. Jacob had never traveled that far from home and he didn't have anything like the Internet to help him find his way. Start in the center of the maze where Jacob is waiting. Draw the path he should follow to get to the end.


HERE IS THE ANSWER TO LAST WEEK'S "Race for the Blessing Word Search"


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Laban Meets Jacob

By Mary Vee

Genesis 29:13

Laban looked up from his work and saw his daughter, Rachel, in the distance. Why isn't she at the well with the flock? Hmmm. She's coming home! He squinted to see if she was hurt.

She has a smile. She's laughing! What is she so happy about?

He set his sharpening stone down. As Rachel came closer, Laban suddenly remembered the day, a long time ago, when his sister, Rebekah, ran home in the same way. He rubbed his back and continued to watch Rachel.

Laban's other daughter, Leah, came out of the house. "Father, I brought you something to drink."

He gulped down the drink then laughed.

Leah tipped her head. "What's so funny?"

Laban pointed toward the road at Rachel. "Your silly sister. She reminds me of the day your aunt Rebekah ran down that very road. Your aunt had a dream she would one day marry a prince. Of course I never believed her. What prince would marry my crazy sister?"

Leah sat near him "Did she?"

"You want to know if she married a prince?" Laban handed her the empty cup. "My sister? The one who played jokes on me?"

"Tell me, Father. Did she marry a prince? What happened the day she ran down the road?"

Laban rolled his eyes. "OK, OK, I'll tell. My sister went out to water the flock, like Rachel did today. Suddenly your aunt ran back to the house laughing and twirling. I thought she forgot the flock. It wasn't the first time I had to help her, you know."

He glanced at the road where his younger daughter, Rachel fluttered about then he turned back to Leah. "That sister of mine swirled around a tree then danced over to me jingling her arms in front of my face. I couldn't figure out what she was doing. She pulled me into the house then announced to the family who she met."

Leah pressed her hand to her cheek and smiled. "Who did she meet?"

"Rebekah had the most amazing news. Your grandfather nearly choked when she blurted out the servant's message from grandfather's uncle Abraham. Just like that, she became engaged to Abraham's son, Isaac. The next day she rode off to marry the prince she always dreamed about."

Jacob sighed. "I finally realized Rebekah was leaving, that night at her party. Maybe, I'd never see her again. I made her a promise. If any of her sons needed help or a place to live, they could come to my house."

He looked up as Rachel ran the last few steps to the house. She took a deep breath then giggled. Laban stood. "What's wrong, Rachel? Why aren't you with the sheep?"

She tucked her chin down and smiled. "You'll never guess who's at the well."

Laban shook his head and held out his hands. "Who?"

Rachel danced in a circle. "Jacob. Aunt Rebekah's son, Jacob is at the well at this very moment! And guess what?"

Laban looked toward the road, half listening to his daughter. Rachel moved in front of him. "I think he wants to marry me."

Laban stepped around her and ran to the well. "Jacob! Jacob! You are welcome here. Come to my house."

What a surprise Laban had that day! He couldn't wait to talk with Jacob to hear news about his sister and the rest of the family. It's exciting to meet new family members for the first time. Perhaps someone in your family had a baby or got married. Maybe you met a new cousin for the first time. How did you feel? Did you talk a lot? Did you want to know more about the new family member?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jacob Meets Rachel

by Mary Vee

Genesis 29:1-12

Jacob roused his servants. "Let's go."

The servants rubbed their eyes. One moaned, "What's he doing? Last night he didn't want to go anywhere." Another groaned, "Why's he up so early?"

Jacob faced the men. "I must tell you, the Lord spoke to me last night. He promised He would bring me back here one day. I've got to get to Padan Aram where my mother grew up, find the girl who will be my wife and return to this land." He ran to his camel. "Are you coming?"

The servants eyes grew wide. The head servant scrambled to grab his supplies. The other servants followed his lead then ran to their camels. "Wait!"

They traveled all the way to the place Isaac told them to go quicker than an eagle flies. Well, maybe a little slower, but it seemed that fast to the servants.

When Jacob and his men arrived, he saw a well in the field. Three flocks of sheep were lying by it waiting to get their drink. A large stone covered the well to protect the water.

Jacob dismounted and said to the shepherds. "Hi! Where are you from?"

One shepherd answered, "We're from Haran."

Unbelievable! These men are from the city my grandfather, Abraham, came from. This is exciting.

Jacob stepped closer. "Um, do you know a man named Laban, the son of Nahor?"

The shepherd looked at the others and nodded. "Yeah, we know him."

Jacob smiled and stroked his beard. God has led me to the very well I needed to be at and helped me to be here at the exact time these shepherds came. Praise the God of Abraham and Isaac. "How is Laban? Is he well?"

The shepherd turned as if he heard a noise. He glanced back at the road. "The man named Laban is well. And look, his daughter Rachel is coming with their sheep."

Jacob laughed. "Really? She is Laban's daughter?"

The shepherd nodded and sat by the well.

Jacob rubbed his hands together. She won't be able to water her sheep if these other flocks are in the way. "Look, it is still high day. You should water your sheep and take them to the pasture to feed."

"We have to wait for all the flocks to get here. At that time the stone will be rolled away from the well."

As they finished their sentence Rachel arrived with the sheep. Jacob stared at her. Wow! She's beautiful. She has to be the one who will be my wife. "Hi. My name is Jacob. Here, let me help you water your flock."

Jacob rolled up his sleeves and grinned at the lazy shepherds. I'll show them. I don't need any help to move that heavy rock. He leaned over and pushed the stone away from the well then wiped the sweat off his forehead.

The shepherds called to their sheep and walked toward the well. Jacob held his hand up to them. "Just a minute. Her flock will be watered first."

While the flock drank, Jacob told Rachel who he was and where he traveled from. She danced around the sheep clapping her hands. "You're Isaac's son? Oh, this is wonderful news. Please stay with my sheep a moment. I must tell my father."

Jacob laughed while watching her run down the road.

Jacob saw God's care for him that day. Can you name all the things God did for him during this story? What has God done for you today?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Race For the Blessing Word Search

By Mary Vee

Directions: Find the hidden words from the list below the puzzle. Click on Comment button to say you finished!

angels, angry, Bethel, descendant, earth, Esau, goat, hunting, inherit, Isaac, Jacob, ladder, lie, Lord, love, meat, oil, Rebekah, rock, servant, skins,



Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jacob Runs Away from Home

by Mary Vee

Genesis 28:10-22

Jacob climbed on his camel. A tear formed when he looked back at his home. His heart pounded one-slow-booming beat at a time that cried out Why? Why did you lie?

"I don't know!"

A servant looked at him. "Master Jacob, do you need help?"

Jacob shook his head and sighed. "No--no, thank you."

The sun pushed heat down on the travelers. Jacob didn't care. He glanced at the servants wiping sweat from their heads, but he didn't feel hot. He didn't even know whether his camel still traveled north towards his mother's childhood home.

He didn't eat all day.

He drank only when his servants insisted.

Jacob plopped back and forth on the camel's hump until a servant rode up next to him. "Ummmm, Master Jacob? The sun is nearly set. Would you like to camp for the night? There's a watering hole over there."

Jacob didn't feel like talking. The servant waited. He probably won't move until I answer. Jacob sighed. "Yeah. Sure. Let's camp here."

The servants brought the camels together by the watering hole. Jacob sat on a rock and watched them. His thoughts raced back to his home and replayed every minute of his lie to his father. He'd never forget the look on Isaac's face. His father knew. He eyes said he knew. Why did he listen to me? Why did he believe my lie? I should be home in my own bed not running away from my family.

The campfire burned brightly, cooking the evening meal. Jacob listen to the crackle and stared at the flames licking the air.

"Master Jacob. Here. Have some dinner." The servant held a bowl and waited for a response.

Jacob turned away. "No. Maybe I can eat tomorrow." He slid to the ground and leaned his head against the rock. I don't know if I could ever eat again.

He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Jacob saw a ladder reaching to heaven. Some angels of God walked up to heaven, others came down to earth on it.

At the top of the ladder stood the Lord. He looked at Jacob and said, "I am the Lord God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac. The land on which you lie I will give to you and your descendants. Also your descendants will be as many as the dust of the earth. They will live on the land to the west, east, north, and south. From you will come the One who will bless the earth."

The Lord continued, "I am with you, Jacob. I will keep you wherever yo go, and will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you."

Jacob sudden awoke. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. "Surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it." His hands became sweaty and he trembled. "How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!"

He ran to the supplies, grabbed the fine oil, and ran back to the rock. "Oh God, if you will be with me and give me bread and clothes and take care of me until I come back to my father's house then you shall be my God." Jacob poured the oil on the rock. "This place shall be called Bethel for this is God's house."

God knew Jacob sinned, yet He decided to love Jacob and take care of him. God also knows we have sinned, yet He has decided to love us and take care of us. How did God show His love for us? Click on the comment button to tell me your answer. If you have a question about this, email me, I'll be happy to talk with you. My email address is