Saturday, June 27, 2009

God is Patient

By Mary Vee

AFTER Noah built the ark God said: Noah did everything just as God commanded. WOW That means that ark looked exactly the way God wanted it!
AFTER Noah built the ark God said: Go into the ark, take your family, because I have found you righteous.
AFTER Noah built the ark God said: Seven days from now I will send rain. So, like, he gave all the people on the earth seven more days to stop worshiping idols, cheating, stealing, not honoring their parents, wanting other people's things, and other sins. He loved those people so much -- so very much that he wanted to give them 7 more days! That's the same amount of time he took for creation, including the day of rest.
AFTER I did the math, I realized God waited 43,807 days AFTER He warned the people before He sent the rains. I don't think I've waited 43,807 days for someone to say sorry to me. WOW I haven't lived that long...yet!
AFTER the 43,807 days, God sent the rain and everyone died except righteous Noah and his family.
God is patiently waiting for you.
What do you suggest we tell kids who don't know God is waiting for them to talk to Him? What would you like a kid to say to you?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noah Believed God

By Mary Vee

God told Noah, and only Noah about His plan to "bring flood waters on the earth". Noah had never seen rain. He had no idea what rain would feel like or look like.
People have joked about what Noah was thinking when God said those words. Some say Noah laughed.
Let's try to figure this out. 120 years went by before the rain waters came. During those years God showed Noah how to invent the first boat that could stay afloat for 371 days, (he was on it for more than 40 days! ).
Noah didn't just spend those days working on his new boat; he also went around to the people, warning them about the coming rain. Even though no one believed him, Noah never stopped believing God. For 120 years, Noah believed he had to make something (a huge boat to float for a long time) to be saved from something (rain and floods) that he had never seen before!
Some kids have to believe God will help them with things that bother them a lot. Loved ones are sick, parents or guardians don't have a job, drugs or alcohol or other problems have made their life difficult. Sometimes these kids just need a word of encouragement to help them to keep believing God is here, and God loves them. Maybe you're a kid who needs these words. What words of encouragement can you give such a kid? What words of encouragement would you like to hear?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Noah and his dad

By Mary Vee

As you celebrate Father's Day on Sunday, remember also your Heavenly Father.
Noah's dad, Lamech, loved him. Lamech said, "Noah will comfort us in our hard work..." During the hundreds of years after Cain's birth, most of the people stopped thinking about God. But, Lamech taught his son Noah and his other children about God's ways. Only Noah chose to worship God.
Noah loved God and wanted to obey Him. He became a dad after living 500 years. He taught his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth how to worship and please God. Other people ignored Noah's family; they didn't want to hang around a family that thought so much about God.
95 years later, Noah's dad died. Noah chose to honor both his dad and his Heavenly Father by teaching his sons to walk close to God.
What ways can you suggest we honor either our earthly dad or our Heavenly Dad?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adam and Eve's Kids

By Mary Vee

Adam and Eve continued having children after Cain and Abel. Their children had children and soon, whoa, there were tons of people. The new parents kinda stopped teaching their kids about God and how to worship Him. They worked hard to be the first one on the block to have the best barbecue grill, the biggest house, the fastest donkey, and to sit back in a fancy wooden chair, sipping tasty juice made fresh from the orchard out back. God grew sad. He gave the people everything, and they forgot Him.
What do you suggest we can do this week to show God we are thinking of Him and grateful for what He has done for us?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Abel and Cain

By Mary Vee

Adam and Eve's first two kids didn't get along very well. Cain loved to work in the garden. He did a great job raising tasty vegetables and fruits. Abel preferred hunting. He skillfully hunted for tasty meat and skins for clothing. Both boys worked very hard to do well at their job.
Adam and Eve started the first homeschool. They taught their sons all the great things they learned about God's creation and what God expected of them.
Before Adam taught the lesson about offering sacrifices for their sins, he probably told his boys about that terrible day when he and Eve disobeyed God by eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
One day Abel and Cain offered a sacrifice to God for their sins. They each brought their best, Abel brought an animal, Cain brought his best from his garden.
But God said Cain's sacrifice couldn't be used. He gave Cain a chance to bring a different sacrifice, the kind Adam taught him to bring.
Instead of fixing the problem, Cain became jealous, and killed his brother.

God gives us chances to do our best for Him. What can you try to do better this summer?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Adam and Eve's Summer

By Mary Vee

God loves you and wants you to have a nice time this summer. Adam and Eve spent their summer in a beautiful garden talking with animals, exploring hidden treasures, eating fresh fruits, and laying on grass staring at the clouds. They took summer school classes with God and learned about the sun and stars, creeks and rivers, plants and trees, fish and birds, bugs and dinosaurs.

Now that the school year is over, our days can get boring. Some of our families don't have very much money so we are staying home. We're having trouble thinking of ides of what we can do. What do you suggest?