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Peter-Fever Kept Her Down, But Jesus Help Her Up

By Mary Vee
Mark 1

From Peter's Journal 

Photo by Mary Vee
Remains of the synagogue in Capernaum
The area has several rooms and is quite large.
My name is Peter. I am a disciple of Jesus.  I am here in Capernaum with several disciples. You may know some, they are James and John the sons of Zebedee, Matthew, Mark, Luke and others.

We went with Jesus to the synagogue. I told the story last time but here is a reminder, What a time! He spoke from the sacred Scriptures then forced a demon to leave a man. The whole thing caused quite a stir. As we left the synagogue, men who heard and saw Jesus that morning talked about what had happened as they walked away.  

I hadn't expected to see such a thing myself. I tell you, every minute I am with Jesus, I want to be with Him more. 

In my time, many men have risen to importance and have had a following. They inspire those who follow them to unite against the Romans to preserve our way of culture and way of life. But Jesus. He's different. What He says. What He does. His words and actions aren't about fighting the Romans. His message is more about us changing. I'm not really sure how to explain it yet. 

Photo by Mary Vee
The remains of one home in Capernaum possibly Peter's
Many branches of a family shared one big dwelling.
Rooms were walled off with their own exterior entrance.
Since my house was close by, we went there to get something to eat. 

When we arrived I saw my mother-in-law was in bed. She had a high fever and looked really ill. Her face was red from the burning heat. Her lips dry. She couldn't keep her eyes open and didn't speak. 

I gathered the disciples and Jesus away from her room and told them the news. "My mother-in-law is very ill. She has a terrible fever. I'm concerned she many not live."

"May I see her?"Jesus asked.

"Yes. Of course." I expected He would try to speak to her then console me. When someone older was this ill, there wasn't much that could be done. I showed him the way to her room. 

He walked into the room and said her name. I was surprised because I didn't remember telling Him her name. He walked to her bed and without saying a word gently reached for her hand. 

He spoke with such compassion. "Are you ready to get up?"

She smiled at him. Did you hear that? She could smile!

Happiness replaced the sickness in her eyes. She looked at him and said with a strength I didn't expect. "Yes."

Jesus helped her to sit. 

She didn't act sick any more. The red in her face had left. Her strength restored, and she could stand. She walked as though she had no illness. She looked into the front room and saw the others. "You must be hungry. I'll fix you something to eat."

Without a thought, a stumble, or a waver of her legs, she set to making a meal for all of us! 

Before she went to the food storage, she said to me, "Peter, you have been searching for the man who will save us for some time now. This man, Jesus, is the one you should listen to and follow."

Even though I was there, I'm not exactly sure what was communicated between them. But this I know, my mother-in-law was near death with fever and now she is well because of Jesus.

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