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Jesus-The Men of Nazareth Wanted a Rebellion

By Mary Vee
Luke 4

From Luke's Journal 

Photo by Mary Vee
To the right of the tree in the middle there is one
hill in the distance with a city. It is the
expanded/upper portions of Nazareth. Zoom in
to see a tiny piece of the city.
My name is Luke, I am a disciple of Jesus and a physician. I am here to tell you about the days I spent with Jesus. 

We followed Jesus on to Nazareth, I say we because I was not the only follower of Jesus.

Nazareth is a small city tucked in a valley between mountains. It is not on any trade route so most travelers don't go out of their way to visit there. Families who live in Nazareth enjoy living away from big cities and aren't interested in modern things like clothes and entertainment.

This was the city where Jesus grew up. And this is the place we are going today. 

We arrived before the Sabbath day. On the Sabbath, Jesus went to the synagogue like He always did on that day. We sat with him and waited for the service to begin. 

Jesus stood to read. He waited to be handed the scroll selected for today's reading. When he received it, He opened the scroll and found these words from the prophet Isaiah, which he then read: 

The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.

The men sitting nearby nodded their agreement to the need. These were men who couldn't wait for an answer to the many problems in their country. The Romans made life difficult for the Jews and they wanted the Roman rule to stop. Someone needed to come and lead a rebellion, and if it was Jesus then they would be happy to join forces with Him.

Jesus kept reading the words of Isaiah the prophet. 

He has sent me to to those held in captivity that they can be set free and to restore sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed. and to proclaim that now is the time for the Jubilee of the Lord's grace. 

He rolled up the scroll and gave it back to the attendant then sat down. It was expected for the reader to also speak so every eye stayed on Jesus, waiting for him. He said, "Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing."

The men all around me were quite impressed with his gracious words. They listened to him speak more, anxious to join with someone who would lead a rebellion against the Romans.

Some said, "Wait, isn't this Joseph's son?" Others nodded, remembering Jesus growing up in this city and working as a carpenter beside his father.

They seemed unsure whether they wanted to hear Him speak more.

Then the questions began. 

Jesus didn't look overwhelmed at all. He stood there, ready to answer the men. The questions asked about taking over the country. Leading rebellions. Fixing the problems. That alone is quite a story to tell. I will come back next time to tell you about that.

Come back to read the next story.


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