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John: The Nobleman Who Accepted The Challenge

By Mary Vee
John 4

From John's Journal 

Photo by Mary Vee
The Temple at Capernaum, Israel
My name is John, I am a disciple of Jesus. We left Sychar, the city in Samaria, and continued walking north toward Galilee. Jesus chose to go to Cana, the city where He did His first public miracle: changing water to wine at a wedding.

When we arrived, the people welcomed Him. Crowds gathered near Jesus. Most of them had seen all that he had done in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast. 

As the sun crossed the sky, word spread to city and villages in walking distance that Jesus was in Cana. It wasn't long before a bigger crowd gathered around Jesus.

There was a royal official who also arrived. He pressed between men in the crowd until he stood close to Jesus. "Please, Rabbi," he pressed his hands together as if begging. This surprised many of us standing close enough to see him. An official wouldn't beg anyone for anything. "Please Rabbi," he said again. "My son is sick and cannot get up from his bed. He is at my home in Capernaum. Please come with me and heal my son. He is very close to death."

Jesus shook his head a bit then said, "Unless you and all these people here see miraculous signs and wonders, you will never believe what I say or who I am."

The royal official acted as if he didn't hear Jesus' words. His focus remained on his child. "Please, Rabbi. Please, come to my home and heal my child before he dies."

Jesus didn't move. Instead he said, "You may go. Your son will live."

The royal official's pleading face changed instantly. It was like he completely understood that his son was healed even though Jesus didn't go with him back to Capernaum. The official nodded to Jesus and smiled. He may have said thank you. Then he left. 

Because of the mountains, the journey from Cana took more than a day's walk, even though it was only seventeen miles. 

The royal official couldn't wait to get home to see his son. He kept a solid pace. After walking a ways he recognized one of his servants running toward him from up the road. 

"I have news!" The servant was breathing fast. He must have run a long ways.

"What happened?" The official asked.

"The doctor sent me to say your son will live."

The royal official looked back down the road toward Cana then turned to his servant. "Tell me, what time did my son show signs of getting better?"

The servant answered, "It was yesterday at the seventh hour when the fever left him. Just like that!"

The royal official closed his eyes. He fell to his knees. "That was the exact time Jesus said my sone would live." He broke into a run part of the way home, and there also seemed to be a bit of celebration dance in his step. 

He pushed the door to his home opened and rushed to his son's bedroom. The boy had good color and was sitting in his bed. "Son, how do you feel?"

"I'm fine, now father. The doctor says I must rest for a while, but I am much better."

The official hugged his son. He called everyone into the room and told them what happened in Cana. "Jesus, the one who is said to do miracles, he's the one who said my son would be well." He hugged his son again. "Jesus is the one who healed you. He is the Messiah. The One who has come to save us."

His whole family and servants listened to the entire store more than once. And when he finished telling the story, they all believed.

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