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Andrew- I Ran to Tell My Brother Who I Saw

By Mary Vee
John 1

From Andrew's Notes

Photo by Mary Vee - Desert near the Jordan River
My name is Andrew. I have been following John the Baptizer for some time. His words have opened my eyes to the things of God. It's hard to explain, but I feel the validity of the words he speaks in my soul.

I have been a fisherman working in the north, by the Sea of Galilee but have take some time away to listen to more of John's words. 

John had said he had been sent by God to prepare the way for the One. I didn't know exactly what he meant by that but wanted to hear more.  In the middle of a sentence John stopped and pointed at a man walking by and shouted, "Look! The Lamb of God!"

This was the Man John had told us about. I didn't fully understand who this man was and wanted to find out. I ran to him. We talked for a short time then He invited me and another man to join Him. We spent the whole day listening to what He had to say. I 

I was so taken by every word, I don't think I ate the entire time. On the inside I blazed with energy. A hunger to know more. A desire to tell everyone about this man and invite them to come hear what He had to say.

Like a lightening bolt I thought of my brother and how excited he would be to also hear what this Man had to say. 

I left the group sitting with The Man. He didn't call out to me to stop. He didn't ask me to explain why I up and left with out an excuse. Could it be that He knew? I had a feeling He did.

I ran all the way to the shores of the Sea of Galilee where my brother, Simon and I had a fishing business. This was the time of day when he would have been fixing his nets and preparing to go out fishing. 

Sand kicked up as I ran to him. "Simon! Simon!"

"Hold on there, runt. You're kicking sand on my net." He tugged on the net and cleared a space for me.

"Simon, you've got to come with me. You know how we have waited for the one who would come and save our people?"

He didn't look up from his work. "Yeah."

"He's here. I heard Him speak. I've spent the day listening to Him. Simon," he finally looked up at me, "We have found the Messiah."

My brother let go of his nets and stood. He set his huge hands on my shoulders. "Is this so?"

I laughed because I was so happy. "Yes!!! We have found the Messiah."

Simon pushed his nets to the side and stepped onto the sand. "Show me."

I ran, teasing him to keep up. "C'mon. Faster!"

It took him seconds to catch up. He would have passed me if he knew the way. I showed him the place where I had last seen the man. "He's over here."

Peter ran ahead then stopped a few feet away from the Man. He looked at Him and listened to what he said the others gathered there.

The Man stopped speaking and walked to my brother. He said, "You are Simon, son of John."

How did he know? I had told my brother the man didn't know where I went or what I was doing. My brother smiled.

The Man then said, "You will be called Cephas which means, Peter."

And just like that, we became followers of the Man called Jesus, the Lamb of God. We had so much to learn, and wanted to learn everything we could about the living God whom this man clearly knew more than anyone.

I know you can't see me as I am telling you these words, so I will tell you what I am doing. There is a smile on my face such as I've not had in a long time. I have fished for so many years and now I am listening to the Messiah speak!

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