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Nazareth: Tucked in the Hills and Far From the Lime Light

By Mary Vee
Matthew 2
Luke 2

From Matthew's Notes

My name is Joseph. My wife, Mary, and I have returned to Nazareth. This is home. This is where our family is. Hah, everyone was so happy to see little Jesus. I must admit, I'm pretty proud of him too.

I'm not a big city guy, that's why Nazareth is the perfect place to live. The town is tucked between to large hills, eh, you may call them mountains. It's not near a road well traveled. There are some Israelites who have never been here, and I can understand why. There is nothing but a community living their lives.

Photo by Mary Vee
Sepphori, Israel

As a carpenter, I need work which sometimes takes me out of my small town. There is a wealthy city called Sipphori on the hill. And I mean wealthy.

Photo by Mary Vee
Sepphori, Israel

My work has stretch beyond working with wood to other types of construction. On the floors, I've placed mosaic tiles. The decorative ones are usually placed in the sitting room where guests are entertained. Guests would sit on the floor around the edge and comment on the patterns and images in the tile after a meal. 

The people who live here, though want to please everyone. There goal is to get along with anyone, any politics, any religion. This has both good and bad. First, they never make a commitment. All they want is to do is have fun and live their lives without harm. 

Photo by Mary Vee
Sepphori, Israel

So, I could freely talk about the Almighty and practice my Jewish ways there and not be bothered. 

They also let the Greeks sacrifice pigs in temples to Zeus. Romans sacrifice as they want. Those who wish to worship trees or any other object. Many of the people living here were Jews who did not stay true to their faith. Some came here to impress the Romans and to gain power. 

Photo by Mary Vee
Sepphori, Israel

I bring my son Jesus to help me. He works along my side, building, crafting, setting, sanding, whatever is needed. In truth, seeing him with me makes the day go by quickly. I know God has an important plan for Jesus. He told me so. At least for now, Jesus is by my side.

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