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The Search for A Special King

By Mary Vee
Matthew 2

From Luke's Notes

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My name in Herod. I am king in Jerusalem. The story I am about to tell you stirs my anger.

I woke to a nice day. The sun had been shining and there weren't any major issues to attend. A servant came to my chambers and announced visitors who were not from this area. They had requested to speak with me. I was curious so I invited them to my chambers.

The servant led the men in. They wore different clothes that we did, their manners were different, and they spoke a different language. I approved them to enter and offered them a place to sit. "Bring our guests something to drink." I ordered my servant.

The men sat. Dust and sand coated their clothes. They must have traveled a long ways. "So, tell me what brings you here."

"We are learned men who have studied the stars. We have discovered that a new king has been born and have come from the east to worship him."

A new king? What were these men talking about. And how is it that they learned this information by looking at the stars? I didn't understand any of it. "I will ask my advisors and find an answer for you. Please go with my servants. They will make you comfortable."

Once the men left, I called for my advisors. This baby king must be found and killed. But, I must be crafty about it to learn the details. The advisors assembled in the room. I told them about the visitors and their question.

At first the advisors were uncertain. They spoke among themselves and asked each other questions. 

"Sire," the eldest said. "This baby king was born in Bethlehem of Judea. It is written by the prophet: And you Bethlehem, land of Judah are in no wise least among the princes of Judah. For out of you will come forth a governor which shall be shepherd of my people Israel."

Really? I am to be replaced? I don't think so. I sent the advisors away and called for the wisemen to return. "I have an answer for you. My advisors tell me that such a baby has been born in Bethlehem. Go there."

The men stood. But I couldn't let them leave until I learned the details. "Wait. When you find this king, come back and tell me where he is so I may go and worship him also."

The wisemen bowed and left.

I will find this king. And I will have him killed. 

I will not be replaced that easily.

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