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The Compass Star

By Mary Vee
Matthew 2

From Luke's Notes

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I and at least two of my colleagues set out on a journey. It was a journey of curiosity. 

We saw a star when studying the night sky. It was brighter than any other and it was new. We talked about the strange occurrence and decided there had to be some meaning behind it.

As men who enjoy studying and thinking we considered what the meaning might be. We all came to the conclusion that a new king had been born. Not just any king. This king deserved the greatest of honors.

We assumed the star not only told us about the new king but also where he was born. We packed for a long journey, not knowing where we would end or how long we would be gone. Included with our supplies were gifts for this special king. So we set out across plains, mountains, rivers, dessert, following the star as it led us westward. 

We arrived in Judea, unsure where to go next. To gather information, we went to the capital city of Jerusalem to speak with wise men from there. We asked to speak with their king, Herod. He agreed to meet with us.

He sat in his chambers and invited us to join him. He ordered his servants to bring drink. "So tell me, why have you come?"

"We are from the eastern regions. There we saw a new star in the sky. Our studies lead us to believe a new king has been born. We followed the star this far and are not sure where to go next. Perhaps you or your wisemen know? We are anxious to get back to our journey to find the King of the Jews."

"If you would give me some time to consult with my advisors, I'm sure we can find an answer for you." He called his servant. "Take these men to the court and make them comfortable."

The servant bowed.

We waited at least a day. From the whisperings in the court, news of the reason for our visit spread to all the people in the city quickly.

The king finally invited us back to his chambers. His advisors were in the room with him. "Come, sit with me. I believe we have the answer you seek."

We sat and waited for the information. "What time did this star appear?"

I answered, "Shortly before we left our homes in the east."

"Yes. That matches with what we have discovered. I have spoken with my advisors. They say you should go to Bethlehem to find the king you seek."

"Thank you. We appreciate your help." We bowed and stood to leave.

"But wait," the king stood. "Once you have found the king, stop back and tell me where you found him. I would like to go and worship him."

We bowed again. Once we reached the road, the star appeared again, leading us toward Bethlehem, like Herod said. It wasn't a long journey. We arrived before nightfall. We followed the star searching for the right home. When the star stopped, we looked at each other.

"This is the place!!" I'm sure the other wise men were as happy as I was. We sprang off our animals and laughed. We have found him! We announced ourselves at that home and asked to see the young child. We were led to a room where the child sat with his mother. She told us her name was Mary and the child's name, Jesus.

We were overcome with understanding that this child would be a king who would make a big difference in the world. We bowed before him and worshipped the child. After a time we brought out the gifts for him and presented them to him. We brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

I would not have given up that journey for anything in the world. Inside I was leaping. That night I barely slept. Neither did the others. We all had the same dream. An angel spoke to us saying we should return home a different way and not stop by to visit Herod, nor tell him about the baby.

And so we did. We left early that morning and went a different direction, avoiding Herod and his army.

When we returned home, we told our families and everyone we knew about the child named Jesus who would be King of the Jews.

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