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Luke- Broken Silence

By Mary Vee
Luke the Physician 
Luke 1

From Luke's Notes

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My name is Elizabeth. 

I have wanted a baby for the longest time. I am so excited because God has blessed me with pregnancy. Soon the child will come.

During the last three months of my pregnancy, my cousin Mary came to visit. And wonder of wonders, God has blessed her with a baby as well. She was only newly pregnant, but I knew. And she knew. 

My baby leaps and is so active. I can't wait to see him. You may ask how I know the baby will be a boy. Well you're right on one part, we didn't have the tools you have today to tell whether the baby is a boy or girl. What I did have was an angel's word to my husband Zachariah, the priest.

Any way. my baby is soon to be born and Mary said she would stay to help me until I gave birth. Right now I must go to rest.

I am so sorry to have left you. The baby came and I was a bit distracted. The news went out to our neighbors and relatives. The baby is well and I am fine. Giving birth is not easy, especially at my age.

On the eighth day, we took him to be circumcised. The attendant was going to name the baby Zachariah after the baby's father. A few posts ago we told the story of my husband, Zachariah going into the temple for his duties. An angel appeared to him and told him I would be have a son and that we were to name him John. Hah, there was no way we would go against what an angel of the Lord said. I blurted quickly before the wrong name was said by the priest standing there, "No! He is to be called John."

All those standing around were surprised. "There is no one among your relatives who has hat name."

Tradition was that babies are named after the father or a relative to be honored. Those standing around me didn't believe this was true. My husband, Zachariah, still could not speak. The angel had taken away his ability to talk when Zachariah didn't believe the news the angel told him in the temple. The attendants made some motions with their hands asking Zachariah what the baby's name should be.

Zachariah asked for his writing tablet and wrote: "His name is John." Everyone was surprised, but more astonished when Zachariah spoke his first word since seeing the angel. "The boy's name is to be John." He heard himself speak and laughed. "Praise be to the God of heaven. The Lord God Almighty who has returned my ability to speak."

The neighbors and friends standing there laughed and praised God to. "God has taken Zachariah's speech and returned it. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty," they sang out to God. Then they said to each other, "God must have a very special job for this baby. I wonder what it will be?" 

Well, you probably know how quickly news spreads with the Internet and all. I'm telling you, news spreads even faster when a nation hears what God has done. As for me, I am so very happy holding my son in my arms. He's so cute. Look at his hair. See his tiny toes and fingers?

Come back for the next story.


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