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The Time Between Testaments-Yes. But God is Guarding Us

By Mary Vee
Between the Old and New Testament

From the Historical records

The time in between time. 

Four hundred years are in the process of passing since God last spoke through a prophet to His people.

Remember we are counting backwards to year 0. The year is around 143 BC. (before Christ)

    400 BC                           300 BC                        200 BC                        100 BC                          Birth of Christ

photo by Mary Vee
The Syrians ruled Judea.

Soldiers were equipped with the best, newest, and powerful weapons of the day: rams to break through strong city gates, bows and arrows, javelins, spears, armor, elephants, and military siege engines shaped like large crossbows having better accuracy than a catapult. What small army would dare fight them? 

A Jewish remnant led by a man named Judah of the Macabee family rallied the Jews to fight for the right to worship God. His band of fighters attacked small groups of soldiers then won three battles against Antiochus IV's armies, scroll down to read these about these battles.

This is the last major battle. The one keeping the Jews from worshipping in the Jerusalem temple. 

The appointed Syrian leader is Lysias. He lost the last battle despite a great plan and good generals to carry the plan through. His anger rose. This time, he would use might instead of wit against the Jewish rebellion.

He called for more soldiers. Twenty thousand, and a bigger calvary. 

His last plan showed how big his army was to the Jews by setting up the battle in the plains. It should have scared them off. But it didn't. They became too easy of a target. This time, his plan was to march his army up the coast then over to the hills and split into many units. Search out and attack the Jewish rebellion. Communication was necessary to call other units once the rebellion was found. Show no mercy.

He felt good about this plan and ordered the men, weapons, elephants, and chariots. This time, he would lead the battle himself and get the job done right.

Soldiers formed their lines outside Lysias' tent. He looked at the grand army. The Jewish rebellion didn't stand a chance this time. Not against this power and his leadership.

He ordered the army along the coast, avoiding the mountain passes where the first two armies failed. He went on past the plains where the third army failed. On to the hill country where his men could divide and conquer!

He gave the signal ordering the men to the hills. He dispatched a unit to the right and to the left, forward and back. He dispatched reinforcements to go behind each group. The men moved through the hills, weapons ready.

But...Judah's men saw them. They moved like cats stalking, ready to pounce on each unit. And so they did. One by one the rebellion took down the Syrian units until Lysias called retreat and took the survivors home.

"This was our victory, men," said Judah. "It's time we take back the temple."

His older brother, Simon stood next to him. Their father had appointed two of his sons to take over the cause. Simon for his mind, and Judah for his strength and courage. "You did good, brother," Simon said.

"We all did." 

The men cheered.

"You, know, Judah, the temple is guarded by Antiochus IV's men."

"Yes. But God is guarding us."

Come back next time to see what happens.

This is the history, the events that happened to real people during the time between the Old and New Testaments. 


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