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A Time Between Time-Those Who Stood Strong

By Mary Vee
Between the Old and New Testament

From the Historical records

The time in between time. 

Four hundred years are in the process of passing since God last spoke through a prophet to His people.

Remember we are counting backwards to year 0. The year is near 168 BC.

    400 BC                           300 BC                        200 BC                        100 BC                          Birth of Christ

The Greeks are in power spanning as far east as at least Iran, south of Judea, and west into Egypt. The las time we  learned a group of Jews who didn't want to give up their culture, language, or worship, grouped together and called themselves Hasideans. They patiently waited for the right moment to rise up and revolt against the Greeks. 

Antiochus the Greek in charge took his army and marched to Egypt. Romans had conquered the land and he wanted it back. While he was gone, the Hasideans revolted against the Greeks. Rumors came to the Hasideans that Antiochus died in the battle against the Romans.

The Jews felt empowered. They marched into the Temple, conquered the Greek supporters, and threw out all the Greek statues that had been placed in the Temple. They then went throughout the city searching and conquering Jews who chose to join the Greek style of life then replaced articles of worship to God back in the Temple.  

Unfortunately, the news of Antiochus' death was wrong. He had been conquered in the battle against the Romans, humiliated, but remained alive. He marched his army back to Jerusalem and discovered what had happened. His anger exploded. He slaughtered 10,000 Jews then went to the temple, removed the altar, the furniture, and the Jew's treasures.

The surviving Jews became terrified of this ruler. Antiochus' said all Jewish culture and worship must end. He ordered any Jew who worshiped on the Sabbath, studied the Torah, or had their sons circumcised executed. His soldiers went house to house looking for any signs of Jewish culture or worship. No chances were given. The Jews were immediately execute. 

All the Jews were terrified. Some gave in to the demands and lived only the Greek culture. Others were so angry and full of sorrow they joined the Hasideans. Some families moved out of Jerusalem into the countryside to live in peace.

Antiochus sent his soldiers to all the villages. They took with them pigs and ordered the Jews to sacrifice the pigs like a Greek then eat the meat. Some Jews did as they were told thinking living was better than dying. Those who did not were tortured and killed.

These were sad days, but there were those who stood strong. God always promised there would be a remnant, a people who would keep a true witness of the one true living God.

Come back next time, because some really exciting events happen in Jerusalem in days to come.

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