Saturday, July 30, 2016

Malachi-Levi Showed Us What To Do

By Mary Vee
Malachi 2

From Malachi's Journal

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My name is Malachi. I am a prophet sent to be God's messenger.

The leaders of the people, especially the priests have been teaching the people they did not have to obey God's law exactly as God has said.

In God's message, directed to anyone who leads from the oldest person to the youngest baby, God said he would send a punishment to anyone who does not honor His name. The punishment is that they will be humiliated and sent away.

God had made a covenant with Levi, one of the twelve sons of Jacob, and the leader of his tribe. His children and children's children would be the priestly leaders for the people. Keep in mind you who are reading this story today, that these truths spoken by God are for anyone who leads the oldest person to the youngest infant in Spiritual truths.

The covenant God made with Levi was a covenant of life and peace. God gave these to Levi. God expected reverence and Levi revered God and stood in awe of God's name. True instruction was in Levi's mouth and nothing false was found on his lips. Levi walked with God in peace and uprightness. He turned many people away from sin by his example and words.

This is what God wanted from the priests and leaders of the Jews living in Jerusalem and those still living in Babylon. The lips of the priest were to teach only the words God said. Not to change them so that the priest could profit or so the people could give less than what God expected.

The priests have turned the people away from God's truth, and have caused them to stumble. The priests have committed a crime against God by teaching words that are not His truth.

God told me to say to the priests, "Because you have not followed God's ways, but have shown the people they can do less than what I have said, they have seen your lies and have despised you so you are humiliated before all the people."

God loves men, women, boys and girls. He wants them to have good, truthful instruction.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. Who did God send this message?
2. Who was the messenger?
3. What did the priests and leaders do wrong?
4. Who was their good example?
5. What was the punishment for the priests?
6. Why did this bother God so much?

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