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Jonathan Goforth- Bullied, Brave, and in the end, Blind

By Mary Vee
Year: February 1859 - October 1936
Jonathan Goforth

Walk with me
Jonathan Goforth's Exciting Journey to China

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Starting next week we will join Jonathan Goforth on his journey to China. Don't you think his last name is amazing? He really did go forth as God commanded.

He was born in Canada as the seventh child of eleven.

John, his father, depended on all his children to help with the farm. As a result Jonathan couldn't go to school in the early falls or late springs. Crops had to be planted and harvested.

Bullied at school then later on the mission field, Jonathan developed an inner strength that helped him with every task God gave him, He even preached and went about telling people about the God who loved them after he went blind!

Jonathan Goforth has an exciting story. Tune in every Monday to read the next story. If you happen to miss one, simply type in Jonathan Goforth in the search box. It's about half way down in the right column.

Come back next Monday to read the first story.

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Let Jonathan hear from you!

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