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Esther- The Not Yet Happily Ever After Ending

By Mary Vee
Esther 8

From King Xerxe's Journal

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I am Xerxes, king of the Babylonian empire.

I felt miserable after the whole event. You remember? The banquet? Haman?

Yes, my anger at Haman had been soothed by hanging the miserable traitor. I still can't believe he attacked my queen in front of my very eyes.

I had to give Queen Esther something. She deserved it after being frightened. It seemed only logical that Haman's estate should be given to her. I laughed out loud. What a fitting response. The land belonging to the man who wanted to destroy my queen's people should be given to the queen. Ha hah. I'm feeling better already. 

I held her hands. "My queen. Beautiful Queen Esther who has served me so faithfully, you are hereby given the property that once belonged to Haman and his descendants."

She bowed before me. So humble. So suited to her role.

"Your majesty?"

"Yes." At this point she could ask anything and I would do or grant it.

"My uncle, Mordecai, is the man who had reported the men who planned to kill you."

"Yes, I remember. I honored him in front of the entire kingdom. And, he has also raised you, am I right?"

"Yes, he did. He--and I--are Jews."

Such details wouldn't bother me. Her service has been all that I expect an more. "Mordecai is a fine man. One to be respected. Such a man should be honored in my kingdom." She smiled.

I looked at my guards. "Bring Mordecai to me."

"Yes, your majesty. Right away." The guards left, but weren't gone long. Apparently Mordecai kept his post in the king's gate where he could help Esther as needed. I wasn't surprised. This is a dedicated person. One who would not leave his duty.

"Mordecai, your majesty."

I held out my scepter. "Come forward, Mordecai." 

He bowed and remained silent.

"Mordecai, I am pleased with your service to your king, my queen and this empire." I pulled my signet ring off my finger. This was the same ring I took back from that conniving Haman. I held it out to Mordecai. "Take this ring and use it in service to this empire."

This sounds like a happily ever after story, right? Not yet. 
The story has much more to tell...come back to read what happens next.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. What gift did the king give to the queen?
2. Who did he take the gift away from?
3. What did the king learn about Mordecai?
4. Who told him?
5. What gift did the king give to Mordecai?
6. Who did he take the gift away from?
6. What did this honor mean?

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