Saturday, June 4, 2016

Esther-Haman's Humiliation

By Mary Vee
Esther 6

From Haman's Journal

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My name is Haman. I am King Xerxes' second in command for all of Babylon. 

The king asked me, I couldn't believe I was saying this, he asked me to honor Mordecai.

Yes. The thorn in my side. The one who refused to bow to me. The one I wanted to hang on the gallows.

My orders were first to get one of the king's robes and a horse. I had them brought to me then walked to, did I have to say his name again? You know his name.

I crossed the court to the gate where he sat. All the men sitting there looked up at me. All but Mordecai instantly bowed to me.

"Mordecai." I forced myself to say. 

He tipped his head and looked at me. His eyes showed the confusion I expected. "The king wishes to honor you for saving his life."

As I expected, Mordecai sat there, silent. His confusion remained on his face.

"The king wishes you to wear this robe of his and ride on this horse which the king has ridden. You will be paraded through the streets so that all may know the king is honoring you."

Two guards walked to Mordecai's side and brought him close to the horse. The robe was draped on his back and he was lifted on top of the horse. 

The men who had been in his company and still bowed, cheered for Mordecai. Such misguided voices shouting for Mordecai. It stirred my anger immeasurably.

I took the reins and led the horse out the gate and into the city streets announcing, "This is what is done for the man the king delights to honor!"

Men, women, and children poured out of their homes. They listened to what I said then cheered for Mordecai. Up and down the streets until my feet ached horribly I had to endure this torment. Didn't these people understand my pain?

I had never been so humiliated in my entire life. Mark my word. Mordecai will receive his just reward and I will be honored above him.

Oh, my back. 

My sore feet. 

I need a cup of cool water.

Unfortunately the story has much more to tell...come back to read what happens next.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. What was Haman supposed to get?
2. What was he to do with those objects?
3. What did Haman do all that afternoon?
4. What did he shout to the people in the streets?
5. Why did this bother Haman?

As a reminder, Haman dislikes Mordecai because Mordecai the Jew feels he should only bow down to the living God. Haman wants Mordecai to bow down to him.

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