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Amy Carmichael-I Didn't Have To Worry. God Took Care of Everything

By Mary Vee
Year: September -1948
Amy Carmichael: 80 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India. 

Did you notice my age. Yes. I am quite old. My bones are brittle. I never fully recovered from the accident, I'm sure that injury didn't help me.

On June 23, I was standing in my room. I had only taken a step and slipped. On nothing. I just slipped. I grabbed the bedpost with my right arm (my left arm was still numb). I fell to the floor. I had hoped nothing would come of the incident other than a bruise or two.

I begged the nurse not to tell anyone, that I would heal. But she didn't listen. She called the doctor. After my examination he shook his head and gave the news. I had a broken arm and thighbone, and I had injured my hip--how bad, he couldn't tell yet. 

My injuries kept me completely in bed.

I knew my time here at the mission was coming to a close. I thought of all the people I had set up to take over the needed positions. Godfrey, the leader of the boys, became terribly ill and went to be with Jesus. Mimosa and her sweet sister Arulai went to be with Jesus. Ponnammal left a long time ago. I was so worried what would happen to this ministry.

That was my problem. 

I tried to solve a problem God had long taken care of. He had chosen the people who had youth and commitment. They had been trained here at the mission and had seen what showing the love from the living God can do for a life. 

Even with all the horrible wars breaking out. Japan attacking. The uprising against England here in Indian and England's leaving. The Hindus and Muslims fighting. We were so afraid. So many people needed to know the living God. This mission needed to keep going.

In my bed, God showed me Ponnammal's daughter, Purripu showed herself as a real leader. Rajappan, Mimosa's son also committed his life to working at the mission. They were young and eager to serve.

God in His great mercy had cared for the mission. I didn't have to worry.

By the time I turned eighty-three I could barely move. God had once told me He would let me go to Him in my sleep. No weepy goodbyes. I told the entire staff that no big procession should be held for me. No headstone. No ceremony. The glory all needed to go to the one true living God for the life He gave me.

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