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Amy Carmichael-God Gave Me A Sense of Value

By Mary Vee
Year: September -1939
Amy Carmichael: 70 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India. 

The days continued to drag by. Pain had become an unwelcome companion. I could walk a few steps but that was it.

The doctor came back to check on me. It was at this examination when he found I had also hurt my back in the fall. Or maybe  I hurt it when we were thrown from the truck on the rainy road. It didn't matter. Nothing could be done to help my back. I had become a cripple. In time my left hand and arm became numb and I had trouble seeing out of one eye.

I called my room the Room of Peace. Over the years, friends had sent me books that I never had a chance to read....until now. The staff built an aviary on the veranda. That is a walk in bird habitat where finches and canaries could fly freely. Sometimes I asked her to open the door so they would fly around my room. I fed them from my hand.

The workers and children kept the gardens outside my room filled with wonderful flowers. The scent flowed in my room. It smells so good.

One day, God gave me a great idea. I remembered the times that workers and supporters ask me to write about this mission. I had written a letter here and there, but nothing had been recorded in one book. Huh. God had blessed us more than we could have imagined with His miracles, a book should be written to glorify Him. So I did. I called the book Gold Cord.

After I finished Gold Cord I wrote several other books, one told the story of sweet Arulai and called it Ploughed Under. Arulai still lives and works here. She has been a constant blessing to me from the day she first came. 

Arulai was forty-nine years old the day I broke my ankle. I and all the other missionaries here believe God wanted her to be the one to take over the mission. Sadly, she came down with a horrible case of small pox while I was in the hospital for my fall. She recovered somewhat.

Arulai had days when she became weak, so weak she had to stay in bed. She was put in the room next to me. I had so much fun passing notes to her. We'd write Bible verses, prayer requests, and just chatted. Although I was sad to see her sick, her company was really welcomed. 

The next three years, Arulai spent more time in the room next to mine. Then the news came that I expected. Arulai went to be with Jesus in May of 1939. Her body was buried in God's garden with other children from the mission who had died in the past. Sweet, sweet Arulai is with Jesus.

Some day I will see her again. And guess what? You will be able to meet her one day! Anyone who believes in the living God. The God who loves them so very much that He sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to pay for our sins and make the way for us to go to heaven. All we have to do is believe Jesus died for us and ask Him to be our Savior. God really does love you.

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