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Amy Carmichael-The Best Birthday Present Ever

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1925
Amy Carmichael: 59 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India. The work here in Dohnavur has become everything I'd ever dreamed.

I had prayed for more missionary workers to come help. The need was great. A few came, one couple felt they should take charge, and while they meant good, the rules they expected others to follow and also preached in church offended the Hindus. 

If they continued, we could run into legal issues forcing us to close down the mission. What this couple didn't understand is that we must first show the Indian people that God loves them and is worthy of all our praise. They wanted to get into doctrinal disputes, which only offended. Sadly, I had to ask them to leave. 

One day I received word from Godfrey Webb-Peploe, the doctor who visited on his way to China. He had developed a lung problem and had to leave his work in China until he was healed. He asked to come to India. I of course welcomed him.

I asked God, again, to let Godfrey come on staff here in Dohnavur. Then I felt guilty. What right did I have to take him away from the China ministry? 

Godfrey settled in and helped as he could. The boys clung to this godly man who played games with them, taught them lessons, and cared for them like a father.

I tried so hard not to get my hopes up, especially after he reminded me again and again that he would be returning to China once he was well.

In December, the night before my birthday, Godfrey pressed a note into my hand. The note said, I would like to request to become a part of the Dohnavur Fellowship. My eyes teared. I could barely see the rest of the words on the paper. They said, I have doubted my abilities to help the mission to the level that is needed. Yes, I am a doctor, but did I have the skills to lead these boys. I have prayed and prayed asking God what He wanted me to do. God has given me peace to try. I hope this will also meet with your approval.

Was he kidding???? He didn't know I had been asking God. Could I have had a better birthday present? No way.

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