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Esther-Mordecai Had Never Been This Upset Before--Never

By Mary Vee
Esther 4

From Esther's Journal

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My name is Esther. I live in the women's quarters of the palace of King Xerxes. 

Recently, Xerxes chose me to be his queen.

I haven't seen my uncle in over a year. He had raised me like a daughter. I had learned to trust him for good advice and help with problems. I'd never had a chance to help him.

I stood in my room looking out the window. It was a lovely day and I looked forward to the events planned for me. Still I wished I could see my uncle and just chat with him.

"My lady, My lady," all my maids had rushed into the room. Whatever they had to say had to be especially bad because Hegai the king's appointed helper to the women also came in the room.

I remained calm. After all, what could be so upsetting that would have anything to do with me?

I turned to them and softly asked, "What is the problem?"

One stepped forward and bowed. "My lady, we have seen Mordecai. He is at the king's gate dressed in sackcloth and ashes. He is wailing bitterly"

Something horrible must have happened. I had never seen my uncle this upset. I wished I could speak with him, but as queen I wouldn't be allowed to talk to a person in sackcloth and ashes. "Take fresh clothes to him, right away. Tell him it is a gift from me."

My maids and Hegai bowed and left the room.

They weren't gone very long. "My lady"

"Yes, what happened?"

"Mordecai refused to accept the clothes. He--wailed so bitterly."

The news broke my heart. "Get Hethach," he was the one assigned to oversee any need I had.

Hegai turned to leave but said, "If I can be of any help, my lady, let me know."

"Thank you, Hegai."

Footfalls echoed in the corridor. Soon there was a knock on my door and Hethach entered. "Hethach," I said, "Go down to the king's gate and speak with Mordecai. Find out what is troubling him and why."

He bowed. "Yes, my lady." Then he left.

I must admit, I felt terribly afraid. My heart trembled and my hands shook. Mordecai was a strong and wise man. He never let things upset him and always looked for ways to solve a problem. What could be so bad that he would dress in a sackcloth with ashes and wail at the king's gate?

...come back to read what happens next.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. Describe Esther's view of Mordecai.
2. Why did Mordecai's actions bother her?

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