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Esther-The Message in Sackcloth

By Mary Vee
Esther 4

From Hathach's Journal

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My name is Hathach. I have been appointed to serve Queen Esther by King Xerxes. 

The queen's maids ran into the hall, clearly upset about something. They called my name, "Hathach, hurry, the queen needs you."

I dropped what I was doing and went to her chambers. "Queen Esther, you called for me?"

"Yes. Oh good, you're here, Hathach."

She seemed frazzled instead of the calm person I usually see. My first thought was to see what I could do to ease her problem.

She paced then pointed out the window toward the King's gate. "Go down to the King's gate and find the man named Mordecai. He has put on sackcloth and ashes. I sent him clothes but he refused to change. Find out what the problem is."

"Yes, my lady." I left. Whoever this Mordecai was, he seemed to have importance for Queen Esther. That alone tells me I need to do whatever is needed to help this man.

I hurried out of the building without greeting anyone and on to the gate. In the open city square beyond the gate, there was only one man dressed in sackcloth and ashes. He had to be Mordecai. I approached him, "Are you Mordecai?"

He didn't look up at me. His head was lowered and he nodded. The poor man, in such misery. I'm not surprised that the kind queen was struck in her heart and wanting to help him.

Not knowing if he had any diseases, I didn't touch him. "I am Queen Esther's servant. The queen has sent me here to find out what problem is distressing you."

The man looked up at me. His eyes drawn, tired, and red from weeping. A tender smile, like that from a loving father, appeared on his face. 

"Please tell the queen," his voice was raspy, probably from the crying he'd been doing. He cleared his throat. "Haman, the man appointed to a high position by the king sent an edict to all provinces in the empire. This edict states all Jews are to be executed in the twelfth month and all their possessions taken from their homes. Hamas promised to pay the king's treasury the soldier's salary for this job."

He handed me a piece of paper. It was a copy of the edict. "Please," he said, "show the queen this paper. Tell her I am asking her to take this matter to the king and to beg for mercy. Tell her to plead with the king for her people."

He lowered his head again, so deep in sorrow.

I took the paper and hurried back to Queen Esther's chamber. "My queen." I handed her the paper then told her Mordecai's message.

She nearly fainted. I helped her to a chair and waited instructions.

...come back to read what happens next.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. Who is Hathach?
2. What did Esther ask him to do?
3. How did he know which man was Mordecai?
4. What did Mordecai tel him?
5. What did Mordecai give him?

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