Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Esther-Hamon's Honor

By Mary Vee
Esther 3

From Haman's Journal

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My name is Haman. 

Over the course of time I have risen in ranks in the king's work. I guess I'm doing a good job.

Today, the king called me into his chamber, and before his other officials he said, "You Haman have please me. Your work and attitude is exactly what this kingdom needs.I am hereby elevating your status above all the nobles in this room and in my kingdom. You are to have a seat of great honor in my empire.

I was surprised, but felt I deserved the honor. I bowed. "Thank you, your majesty. I will seek to serve you." Then left his chambers. 

Just think, honor will now be given to me everywhere I go in the kingdom. All the people will have to bow down to me when I walk past. I will be given a robe to wear and that way every man, woman, and child on the street know exactly who I am. 

I have longed for this day. And definitely deserve it. I mean, I have done everything to please those who have been in place over me. Shouldn't I be honored?

I couldn't wait to see my new power in action. I first walked out to the gate where the important men from the city gathered to discuss topics.

As I approached, the men turned and saw my robe. I squared my shoulders back and lifted my chin. They stood together, it was wonderful! Then they bowed to me. "My Lord," they said as I walked past. I couldn't believe my ears! 

And then I saw all the men had indeed stood, except one.

I eyed this man and wanted to know who he was immediately. How dare he show me such disrespect. I turned to the servant near me. "Find out the name of the man who did not bow to me. Get that name now."

He bowed and said, "Yes, my Lord."

He returned shortly after, "His name is Mordecai, my Lord."

Mordecai was it. Mordecai would be a name I would remember. I planned to search into his family history and learn everything I could.

We'll see if this Mordecai has the nerve to continue such disrespect to a high ranking official of the king. Especially me.

...come back to read what happens next.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. Who is Haman?
2. Why did the king call Haman to his chambers?
3. How did Haman feel about this news?
4. What did Haman do to test his new job?

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