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Esther-The Death Edict

By Mary Vee
Esther 3

From King Xerxe's Chronicle

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My name is King Xerxes, my palace is in Susa.  

I recently promoted a promising young man. His name is Haman. I've heard a lot of great reports about his work. I feel good work should be honored to encouraged others to do their best.

Haman had been in his new job for only a day when an incident happened out at the gate. Apparently, a man refused to bow as Haman passed by.

This is a serious offense, I'll admit. But Haman came to me very angry. He said there was a group of people living in the empire who had different traditions from us and refuse to obey the king's, my, laws.

Well, once I heard that I saw his reason for anger and asked what he thought should be done about the situation. He suggested a decree be signed ordering the deaths of all those disobedient people. He was so concerned that our empire be rid of them that he offered to pay the salary of the men who would carry out the deaths.

The idea couldn't be all that bad. My former queen, Vashti, didn't obey me. She was forced to leave and never return. Why not get rid of these people. Then everyone in the empire could live in peace.

I handed Haman my signet ring and said, "Keep the money and do with the people as you please."

On the thirteenth day of the first month I summoned the royal secretaries to write Haman's orders in every people language of the empire. I gave permission for these to be written in my name and sealed with my ring.

The next day messengers were sent with a copy of the decree to every province informing the people to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews--young and old, women and little children--on a single day, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month. The people were then to plunder all the Jews belongings. The people would have plenty of time to prepare for this day.

As soon as the messengers left, Haman and I sat down and drank a celebration. The empire would be rid of the Jews.

...come back to read what happens next.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. Who received a special promotion?
2. Why did the king promote him?
3. What happened shortly after the promotion?
4. What did Haman tattle to the king?
5. Haman didn't go after one man, he went after ________
6. Haman asked permission to ___________
7. The king agreed and the next day __________________
8. What did the king and Haman do once the messengers left?

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