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Amy Carmichael-Robin Hood Imitators

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1921 
Amy Carmichael: 54 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India.

The man Indian people called "Robin Hood" escaped from prison. He and his friend fled to the mountains. Friends of mine knew where he was.

I sent a message to him, Jambulingam, please do not go back to stealing, even if you are hungry.

He sent a message back to me, "I will never go back to stealing or breaking the law. I believe in the living God. Jesus Lord saved my life."

People in the village talked about the Robin Hood and his friend. They stole at night and hid during the day. Many of the reports came at the same time on the same night in different places. Anyone could tell that new thieves were using the name Robin Hood to commit their crimes and not get caught.

I went to the police myself. "You must listen. A man cannot be in two places at one time. Jambulingam could not have committed these crimes."

The police chief pressed his shoulders back and scowled. "If you know this man so well and have been speaking with him then you should be telling us where he is." He walked closer. "Where is he?"

I kept my voice quiet and confident. "I honestly don't know." I turned and walked back to the mission.

I sent another message, "Jambulingam you must give yourself up to the police. Go to the British police. They will keep you safe and help clear up the misunderstanding."

Jambulingam sent a message back, "We can't. You have no idea how dishonest the police are. They will kill us if we turn ourselves in. Meet me in the forest. You know where. We can talk there."

Late that night, after all the children were in bed, I took my shaw and walked to the meeting place. Just as he promised, Jambulingam was there. He stepped out from behind bushes and waited for me. I walked closer. The man was tired. His eyes were wild with fear. He looked both ways on the road to see if I was followed.

"I am alone," I said.

He took my hand and pressed it between his with the respect he'd give his mother. "Please believe me when I say I have not stolen anything since leaving the prison." He looked at my eyes. "I admit, I've wanted to. We hear the people talk. They say we are committing these robberies. We may as well really do them."

"You must never give up in doing good. Not become sad or discouraged. God is with you. He will protect you if you turn yourself into the police."

"I can't." His friend stood close to him. "We can't." Jambulingam lowered his head. "I see now I shouldn't have escaped from prison, but it's too late to go back. The police will kill me one day."

"You say that day will come. And it may. But if you want to show your love for God let it be that you wouldn't have your weapon in your hand. Please don't give the police a reason to kill you."

He stood. "You must go before you are seen."

Come back next week to read what happened to India's Robin Hood.

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