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Esther-Mordecai Paced in the Court

By Mary Vee
Esther 2

From Mordecai's Journal

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My name is Mordecai. I have taken care of Hadassah as a daughter ever since her parents died. Just so you know I sometimes called her Esther as well.

Even though many Hebrews from Judah were taken here as slaves, God has blessed us. I was able to provide a nice home and food for both Esther and myself.

You may have heard that the king banished his wife, Queen Vashti, from the kingdom and is in the process of selecting a new queen. All the unmarried women were required to go to a selection where some were then chosen to go to the palace. From these women, the king would choose a new queen.

Esther cried when she told me the news. Since the order to appear before the commissioner was an edict by the king, she had to go. I saw in her eyes she really didn't want to go. The poor thing was afraid. But I knew she'd been trained in the proper and expected manners of a young woman. And, to tell the truth, she was beautiful. 

Knowing the great punishment for refusing to obey the edict, I encouraged her. I told her God would always be by her side and protect her.  She looked at me, not convinced. "Esther, you will do fine. If you are sent home then God has spoken. If you are chosen to be the new queen, then--God has spoken. You will only be happy by obeying what God asks you to do." 

I hugged her. "One instruction I will give you before you go. Don't let anyone know who your people or family are. Trust me. This is for the best. Now, you know I spend time at the city gate everyday. I will keep watch. If you need anything, send word to me."

She nodded "I will, Uncle Mordecai." 

After she left, I became concerned for her welfare. Not upset. God would care for her. But I also knew in my heart that I had been given charge of her welfare. So I prayed. "Almighty God, please protect Esther in the palace. Give her the words to say. Let her meet the right people who will not harm her. Take care of my girl."

Even with the prayer I couldn't allow myself to be irresponsible. I went to the court of women's quarters everyday and asked the maids and servants who came outside, "How is Esther. Is she well? Is she happy?"

The servants gave the same response every time  "She is well and seems happy. The man in charge of all the young women's  care, Hegai, has been very pleased with her answers and manners. He gave her the best room and the most honored maids. She has been given the most attention over all the others." Then each servant leaned close and whispered, "I can see why. She is kind and respectful. She never imposes her own way, but asks the opinion of those who have worked in the palace."

I was so happy to hear these reports. Still, I went to the court of women's quarters every day and kept checking on her. For one full year, while she completed all the required preparations, I did this everyday.

I don't know why God has allowed this situation. I am a bit curious. I am also confident whatever is to come, God will care for us.

...come back next time to read what happened next.

sources: New International Version, New King James Version  

1. Who is Mordecai
2. What did he encourage Esther to do? Why?
3. What special instruction did he give her?
4. After she left, what did he do?Why?

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