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Esther-The Meeting in the Center of Town

By Mary Vee
Esther 2

From Esther's Journal

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My name is Hadassah. I live with my uncle Mordecai in a place called Susa and have ever since my parents died. We are Jews and slaves in a land not our home.

King Xerxes issued an edict calling for all young unmarried girls to come to the castle.

The herald told us to meet in the center of town by the flowers the next morning.

Of course everyone heard the news. At dinner time I called my uncle to the table and served the food.

"Uncle, I really don't want to go. Couldn't I just hide here in the house?"

"Hadassah. You are such a lovely girl. You know why the king has made this edict, right?"

I sat at the table with him. "Everyone has heard what Queen Vashti did."

"Yes. The king was very embarrassed. He showed his strength and power to his guests by banishing her after she refused to obey his order."

"But why do all the unmarried girls have to go? What if we dreamed of having a husband one day?"

He put his hand on mine. "Hadassah, the Almighty is in control. Nothing will happen that doesn't have His approval. I want you to be at the meeting place tomorrow as the edict ordered."

I looked down at my plate. I would never disobey my uncle. He has been a good father for me. "All right, Uncle. I'll go as you asked."

The  next morning the sun rose and the chickens squawked. I suddenly remembered the meeting. After getting dressed and making breakfast, I grabbed my shaw. 

"Hadassah." Uncle Mordecai walked to me with his arms open wide and gave me a hug. "Remember, my daughter, the Almighty is watching over you. Do as you are instructed to honor the king. This will please the Almighty."

"I will." I looked at my home once again, not sure when or if I would be able to come back. "Good bye." I opened the door and looked back at Uncle Mordecai once again. He smiled. That was the picture of him I would hold close in my mind whenever I felt lonely.

As I stepped out to the road, several other girls walked in a group toward the center of the city. I let most of them pass to be in the back of the crowd.

A circle of flowers surrounded by benches formed the very center. The commissioner stood  on one side and motioned the girls to gather close by.

I really hoped that by standing in the back, I would not be chosen.

...come back next time to read what happened next.

sources: New International Version  

1. What did Mordecai ask Hadassah to do?
2. Who was she suppose to meet?
3. Who all was invited?
4. Why were they suppose to go to the meeting?
5. Would all the girls go?

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