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Esther-The Kindness That Impressed

By Mary Vee
Esther 2

From Esther's Journal

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My name is Hadassah. I lived with my uncle Mordecai, until yesterday. We had a nice little home in a place called Susa. He'd taken care of me ever since my parents died. We are Jews and slaves in a land not our home.

I miss my home and Mordecai already. 

The commissioner chose me and other girls then took us to the palace. The other girls laughed and mocked those not chosen. I couldn't join them. Their words were so cruel.

The selected girls rode in the king's chariot to the gate. The magnificent door opened. I hardly knew what to say. Never in my life had I seen such wealth.

This gate was a meeting place for the wise and wealthy men of the city. Although my uncle Mordecai was not wealthy, he was very wise. He sat with these men and discussed many topics. 

I leaned forward, searching the faces for him. He stood and smiled. The very gesture I needed to comfort me. I smiled back.

The carriage took us to the palace entrance. One of many, I later learned. This entrance led to the rooms where we would live. We followed our guide up stairs and down a corridor. The doors opened.

A large room stocked with beautiful dresses, scarves, jewelry, shoes, makeup, anything I imagined a princess would want. 

A man named Hegai introduced himself to us. "You are one group of girls who will be presented to the king. Young women from the rest of King Xerxes empire will be arriving shortly. For now, look around and become familiar with what is available for you."

The girls broke into smaller groups. They ran like starved animals to the wardrobe and pawed at the dresses. 

I wasn't shy or lonely. God had soothed my aching heart to return home. But, I didn't want to be like the other girls. In a way, I felt sorry for he king. I felt sorry for Mordecai having to live without my help. The only way I could show my desire to help and my gratefulness to Mordecai was to have a strong yet gracious spirit while here at the palace.

As I stood watching the girls, Hegai walked close to me. "What is your name?" 

I gave a small curtsey and said, "Some call me Hadassah and some call me Esther. Whichever pleases you."

He smiled. "You have answered well. Would you like to look at what is available to you?"

"Everything here is lovely. I wouldn't know which would please the king the most and would appreciate your counsel."

"Another wise answer. Come with me. I will show you your maids."

The other girls were so busy holding dresses up to themselves and laughing they hadn't notice we left the room.

...come back next time to read what happened next.

sources: New International Version  

1. Where was Esther taken?
2. Who all went with her?
3. Who did she see at the gate?
4. Who was put in charge of these young women?
5. What did Esther do that impressed Hegai?

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