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Esther-The Edict That Cheered a Sad King

By Mary Vee
Esther 2

From Esther's Journal

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My name is Hadassah. I live with my uncle Mordecai in a place called Susa and have ever since my parents died. We are Jews and slaves in a land not our home.

King Xerxes has a palace here in Susa. Queen Vashti also has one. 

Vashti had embarrassed the king at a banquet. His advisors suggest he not allow her in the palace anymore. She was banished from the land.

After a while, the king's anger had calmed and the wine had left his system. He thought about his beautiful Vashti and what she had done. Then he remembered sending out the decree, telling everyone in his huge empire what she had done. He felt bad. He missed her terribly and longed to undo the whole evening.

"Your Majesty," his personal servant said as he handed the king a cloth to wipe his tears, "I have an idea."

The king didn't say anything, but he stayed and listened.

"You could order a search for all the beautiful young women in the kingdom. Commissioners in every province of your realm will be ordered to bring these beautiful girls here at the citadel of Susa. They would be placed under the care of Hegai, your trusted servant who is in charge of the women. These women will be given beauty treatments, dresses, and jewels. When the women are prepared they will be presented to you one at a time. Then, Oh King, you will choose the girl who pleases you most to be queen in place of Vashti."

Xerxes sat quiet for a while. A smile began to form on his face and his spirit brightened. "This is an excellent idea. Prepare the order for my signet ring. Let the edict proclaim everything you said."

The attendant did as he was told, and the edict was brought to the king. 

Xerxes looked out the window toward Vashti's palace and sighed. He walked back to the table where the edict lay and squared his shoulders before sealing the edict with his signet ring. 

Copies were given to every herald. The men left to proclaim the message in every province of Xerxes empire. 

The heralds stood in the town squares and announced: "Every young girl is to report for service to the king. A new queen is to be chosen for his majesty, Xerxes."

...come back next time to read what happened next.

sources: New International Version  

1. Days after the banquet, King Xerxes was sad, why?
2. What did his personal attendant suggest to make the king feel better?
3. What did the king think of the idea?
4. Who was invited to come to the palace, and why?

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