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Esther- The Commissioner's Selection

By Mary Vee
Esther 2

From Esther's Journal

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My name is Hadassah. I lived with my uncle Mordecai, until yesterday. We had a nice little home in a place called Susa. He'd taken care of me ever since my parents died. We are Jews and slaves in a land not our home.

After breakfast, all of the unmarried girls of Xerxes empire were to meet with the commissioner in charge of their city.

I really didn't want to go, but Uncle Mordecai told me I had to obey the edict. So, there I stood with about a hundred other girls and young women at the center of the city. 

The commissioner began his walk through the crowd of girls. If he pointed at a girl, he wanted her to go with him to the palace. If he didn't, she was to go home.

I looked toward the ground and kept to the back of the group. Other girls were excited to be noticed. They raised a hands to call the commissioner over to them. They giggled and did their best to get his attention.

The commissioner didn't seem impressed by these things. I hoped looking toward the ground would get him to overlook me. The girls in the front of the crowd had been categorized. Those who stayed and those who went to the palace. He moved closer to me.

My heart pounded. Please pass me by. Please let me go home

I saw his sandals move closer to me. He didn't say a word to the girls, but I heard their responses. "Oh, please just give me a chance. I'll do whatever it takes. I'll change my hair, wear a different dress. Please!"

He ignored their pleadings. 

Then he stopped in front of me. He set his hand under my chin and raised my head. He smiled. "You're going to the palace."

Why the Almighty wanted me to go, I don't know. Uncle Mordecai depended on me to make his meals and keep his house clean. I swallowed and nodded. The commissioner pointed to where he wanted me to stand then he finished his work.

When he reached the end of the line he announced, "If I have not chosen you to go to the palace you are to return to your homes."

The girls standing around me huddled and laughed. Joy and pride beamed from their hearts. They had been selected. I stood to the side and looked at the flowers. So beautiful. So graceful and soft. I touched the petals and smelled their scents. This is how I wanted to please the Almighty. Even if it meant going to the palace.

...come back next time to read what happened next.

sources: New International Version  

1. Why did the girls gather in the center of the city?
2. Why did the commissioner choose some girls and not others?
3. Why did Hadassah stay in the back of the line?
4. What did the commissioner say to her?
5. Did Hadassah tell the commissioner that she was a Hebrew?

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