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Amy Carmichael-India's Robin Hood Needs Help

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1921 
Amy Carmichael: 54 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India.

The man Indian people called "Robin Hood" had leaped out from a bush while I was walking home. He scared me at first because I didn't expect him, second he had other men with him. I honestly didn't know what would happen.

He said he needed someone to care for his children. The police searched for him everyday. He couldn't take the little ones on the run. His wife just died so she could not care for them.

I agreed to take the children in at the mission if he agreed to never use his gun. He agreed with the condition that he would use it only to protect his own life.

The bargain was made. I asked him to surrender to the police.

"You don't understand. The Indian police are corrupt. They will say a man is guilty even if he isn't Then if that man pays the police bribery money they will let him go. They are accusing me of things I have not done to get bribery money."

I saw his point. "What if you turned yourself into a British officer?"

He smiled. "You are kind, missionary lady. But I cannot trust any police officer. I am not safe."

"If you trusted in God to care for you, He would," I said.

He looked confused. "Which God?"

They have so many Hindu gods, the man did understand about the living God who would love him and help him. "Jesus Lord. The living God of the universe who created all things including you. This God loves you. Listens. Cares. Protects. He sent His Son Jesus to pay for all the sins we have done so that we could go to heaven. We only have to believe in Him."

Jambulingam, known as Robin Hood listened to everything I said. "This is very interesting. I have never heard of this living God. "Will you pray for me?"

"Yes, of course." I knelt and he knelt. We bowed our heads and prayed asking God to help him.

He and his friends left after the prayer. I walked the rest of the way to the mission thinking about him. For days I continued praying that this Robin Hood would truly believe in the living God who loved him. I asked God to give him courage to turn himself in to the police. And even more I asked God to not let the police punish him for crimes he had not committed.

In the meantime, his three children lived in the mission. They heard Bible stories, had food to eat, were loved, played with other children and found their smiles.

I received word one day that the police found Robin Hood.

Come back next week to read what happened to India's Robin Hood.

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