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Amy Carmichael-Little Arulai Finds the Courage to Tell Her Father about the Living God

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1904-1906 
Amy Carmichael: 36 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India.

Ten-year-old Arulai finishes telling her story today. 

Arulai's father came to her uncle's home and said, "Arulai, you will come home with me."

The ten-year-old girl was frightened of her father. She knew he loved the Hindu gods and wanted her to worship them, too. He said he would marry her to a Hindu man which meant she would have to obey him and worship the gods.

Arulai ran to her room and prayed. "Please living God. Please help me. I don't want to go with him."

She felt the urge to say, "Father, I cannot go with you. I want to worship the living God." She stood back and waited for him to yell at her. To her surprise his anger turned to a puzzled look.

"Read to me from the words of the living God." 

Arulai was surprised, but ran to get her Bible. She read stories from the Bible to him then waited to see what he would say.

"I don't believe in this living God, but I am afraid of Him. I've changed my mind. You may stay." And with that her father left. 

Arulai wasn't surprised, in a way. She honestly knew the living God would answer her prayer. Still, she'd didn't expect her father to give her permission to be a Christian.

Arulai helped me with the younger girls who came to the mission. She played with them and hugged them. She even told them the Bible stories she knew. 

Arulai eventually left her uncle's home and came to live at the mission. What a jewel. She helped in every way she could.

I found that we were running out of space to house all the little girls who needed rescuing. So many girls were given to the temple as a way for the parents to earn money. I spoke with Mr. Walker and we decided to by land and build a bigger mission.

Buying land isn't as easy as it seems. If a man has four sons. He will divide the land in four pieces. If any of those sons have sons, they will divide their piece among their sons. 

The problem is that each little piece must be bought separately, and no building can go on any piece until all the pieces have been paid for. See? This was difficult and took a long time. BUT, God blessed and help us buy the land and build a bigger mission.

The next problem: convincing parents who wanted to force their little daughters to live at the temple to let us give the girls a home at the mission. At the temple the girls would be harmed for life. And once they went into the temple they could never leave. 

If only we could rescue more girls like Arulai by giving them a loving home where they could safely learn about the living God who loves them, teach them their schoolwork, and give them the food they need.

You are reading this story after it happened, I know, but you could still pray for the little girls in India that they could learn about the living God who loves them.

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