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Amy Carmichael-The Little Girl Who Risked Her Life

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1904-1906 
Amy Carmichael: 36 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India.

Arulai was a ten-year-old girl. Her story of asking Jesus into her heart has been so exciting to share.This is now the sixth week. 

Yes, a ten-year-old can have an amazing story! If you want to read the first five parts of Arulai's story, here are the links: Part 1Part 2 ,Part 3Part 4Part 5

Arulai had asked Jesus into her heart. She had many questions and longed to hear more about Jesus. She walked from her uncle's village to the next one where I and other missionaries had a church. After listening to the Pastor, she searched for me and asked her questions.

One day, Arulai told me her parents wanted her to come home. "I'll only be gone four days they said. I'm so excited, Ammal." She jumped and twirled.

Ammal was the name she called me.

"I want to tell my parents everything I've learned about Jesus." Her eyes grew wide. "Can you imagine? They could learn about the living God who loves them. Then they'll stop worshiping the Hindu gods. They just have to!"

What could I say? She had such a desire to share her new faith. This concerned me terribly. I have known many Christian Indians who had terrible things happen to them. 

Mysteriously some of these Christians were never heard from again. Some were discovered dead, supposedly by an accident that clearly looked like a murder. Then there were those who I saw on the village street. They were sad, didn't talk, wouldn't respond to me, and hid like they'd been severely tortured. The only words they'd say were the Hindu beliefs.

All of these beautiful Indian believers came to mind as Arulai shared what she wanted to tell her parents. I didn't want her to get hurt, but I didn't have a right to make her stay.

She didn't come to our village the next day. For weeks I waited to hear news from her. The whole mission compound prayed for her safety and for the strength to hold on to her belief in the true, living God who loves her. 

One morning Arulai's lovely smile came to mind. I couldn't wait any longer. I wrote to her parents and asked permission for Arulai to come back and learn, even for a few days.

A messenger delivered the letter. When he returned he said, "Her father opened the letter and read the words."

What will he say? Has he harmed Arulai? Come back next time to read more.

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