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Amy Carmichael-I Know the One You Seek

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1904-1906 
Amy Carmichael: 36 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India.

Arulai was a ten-year-old girl. Her story of asking Jesus into her heart has been so exciting to share.This is now the fourth week I am telling more of her story. 

Yes, a ten-year-old can have an amazing story! If you want to read the first three parts of Arulai's story here are the links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Arulai had asked Jesus into her heart after searching for answers to her questions.  Who is the real God? A foreign woman visiting her village answered her questions. She explained to a group of children about the God who loved them. Arulai learned she shouldn't worship the Hindu gods anymore. They couldn't do anything for her anyway.

Her parents became upset with her. She had embarrassed them by not worshiping the family gods. They decided to send her to her uncle's house. He claimed to be a Christian. Her dad and mom didn't even say goodbye.

She walked many miles by herself until she arrived at her uncle's house. Although he welcomed her into his home, he taught her that she could follow the Hindu customs of honoring the Hindu gods while still being a Christian.

This didn't sound right to her, but she couldn't disobey her uncle. She wanted to see the lady who stood at the well and wore a sari. This woman could answer her questions and teach her more about the living God.

One day, her uncle said, "Your father is going to arrange your marriage soon."

Arulai became very upset. Her father would make her marry a Hindu man and that man would make her worship the Hindu gods. She ran to her room and fell on her bed.

She cried herself to sleep many nights after hearing the news, "Please living God, let me speak with the woman who had stood at the well and wore the sari. Please!!"

One day, a girl a little older than herself stopped on the road. The girl said to Arulai, "Do you want to learn about the true God?"

Arulai couldn't believe what she heard. "Yes! Of course! I've heard stories from some foreigners who came to the village. They told me about the living God and now I believe in the true God but want to learn more. One of the people who told me stories was a foreign woman who wore a sari. I wish I could learn more from her."

"That woman is my mother. She and the others live in the next village."

She does? I can actually meet her?

Come back next time to read the more of this exciting story about little Arulai.

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