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Amy Carmichael-Running From The Mob

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1899-1904 
Amy Carmichael: 30 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India.

I have joined the Walkers in their ministry in Southern India.

My heart aches so much for the native people. All I want to do is help, but many cannot see my heart through my white skin.

Early in 1901 five sweet boys were baptized. A week later all five became deathly sick. Two died.

Cholera is common here and is not the only disease natives suffer. Malaria, leprosy, tuberculosis, and other diseases plague the people. The water isn't clean. Sanitation isn't a big priority. Even modern medicines could help with some of the problems but there is a shortage of doctors. 

I went with my friend, Ponnammal to a village to tell the women about God's love for them. Each home we visited we were refused entry. The women honored their caste by refusing to let a white woman in their home. 

Ponnammal and I stood outside the homes and sang praises to God, hoping a group of women would come to listen. I read out loud from the Bible and we sang more songs. The sun's heat beat down on us.

A few people stopped for a moment or two then walked away. Children, animals, and other distractions broke up any gathering. By the end of the day we decided to go home.

Ponnammal and I climbed back in our cart for the two hour ride back to the mission. We talked about our day but were interrupted by a terrible sound coming from behind. I turned. A crowd of people ran toward us, screaming and beating on drums. 

The people never slowed but ran straight for us, holding idols high above their heads and praying to those idols. They swarmed around the cart preventing us from moving forward.

I must admit, I was afraid. I whispered to Ponnammal, "Sing. Sing with me." I started with the words for "Victory to Jesus' Name! Victory!"

The evening darkness came. The crowd lit torches. They beat their drums and danced and prayed to their idols. They became so distracted with their idols Ponnammal and I managed to pull away. 

Even from a distance the flickering torches and the dark night reminded me of only one terrible place. The place Jesus saved me from.

Ponnammal and I were so afraid we didn't say a word for the longest time. 

Then we comforted each other. 

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