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Amy Carmichael-He Didn't Know Where He was Going When He Died

By Mary Vee
Year: January, 1904-1906 
Amy Carmichael: 36 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary in India.

I have joined the Walkers in their ministry in Southern India. 

The Indian people have many festivals. It seems they have one almost everyday. One of the ladies who works at the mission went with me to a recent festival. The plan: share the story of God's love to everyone who will listen.

There were many booths set up selling vases, jewelry, food, books, etc. And, like so many other days, the weather was excruciatingly hot and muggy. 

We walked past many booths, hoping to find a place to speak to the people. We tried several times and had women stop. But they only stayed a moment then moved on. 

Celebration was the atmosphere at the festival. Music, dancing, laughing, buying, selling, and large crowds moving through the area. As the time moved on, I began to feel faint. We found an empty booth and stood in the shade. Still, I felt sick with thirst. The men in the booths around us offered me some milk. I refused because I didn't have money, but one man paid for me saying, "Helping the poor counts to help me after I die."

Many of the Indian people believed their current behavior would determine what their next life would be like. They believed they would come back as a person of higher or lower caste or something terrible like an animal. How sad. None of this is true. 

Days after this festival ended a funeral celebration was held for a man who died. No one in the crowd mourned. Only the family in the home wept. A woman said, "Enjoy yourself. This is a celebration. That man didn't know where he was going anyway."

How sad. He didn't even know. I had read books written by missionaries that told of people who welcomed them warmly and were excited to hear about the God who loves them. I haven't seen that here. Instead, because I am a white woman I cannot go many places and women of certain castes will not listen to me.

How can the people hear about the God who loves them. Can you hear my frustration?

Come back next time. Because once this event passed, I heard about a little girl who really did pray for someone to come tell her about the God who loves her. Now can you see me jumping up and down? Yes! God is working. I only need to be ready to do the work He gives.

Come back next time to read the exciting story about the little girl!

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