Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ezra-Go or Stay? Which is Right?

By Mary Vee
Ezra 1

From Ezra's Journal

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I am here on the streets of what is now called Persia with many other of my Hebrew brothers and sisters.

The herald left after delivering his message. He had many other places to announce King Cyrus' words. 

During the seventy years we've lived here, we built homes, let our children marry, planted crops and started businesses. Many of the people learned the Babylonian language.

While so many of us were excited to go home. Some were not so sure.

Hebrew children had lived their entire lives here. Grandchildren had been born. The only information the young people had about about their homeland was nothing more than words. There were families who said they wanted to stay.

Some said they would have to start all over in Judah. Their homes would need repair. There would be a lot of work to restart their businesses. 

That was their head speaking. Their hearts said they wanted to go home. 

Men gathered and talked about their ideas and thoughts. Women did the same. Meetings were held where large groups came to discuss the benefits to going home or keeping the family business in Babylon.

So let me ask you. If your family actually came from another country. And it's quite possible that many readers really have. And your family built a new home in the new country. As kid of the house, you learned the new language quickly and helped your parents by translating for them. You understand the culture here. Maybe didn't learn about some of the Hebrew ways because the Babylonians wouldn't let you. 

Now someone is giving you an opportunity to go back to the country of your grandparents. Your heritage. You are being given money and supplies to get started. Which would you do? Go. Or stay.


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