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Daniel- North and South

By Mary Vee
Daniel 11

From Daniel's Journal

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My name is Daniel. I am still living in Babylon and in service to Cyrus king of Persia.

Many of my Hebrew brothers and their families traveled back to Jerusalem a short time ago. King Cyrus gave them permission. Ezra led the people. 

An angel came to speak to me after I'd seen a vision. I don't know if I had such a difficult time because I am older or because of the vision that scared me, or maybe both.

I said to the angel, "How can I speak with you? My strength is gone. I can hardly breathe."

The angel touched me again and gave me strength. "Don't be afraid Daniel for you are highly esteemed. Peace to you. Have peace and be strong."

Just like that my strength returned. I was able to focus on his words. "Speak, my lord."

"Do you know why I came to you?" He looked up and away for a brief moment. "Soon I will go back to fight the evil prince of Persia. When I go, the prince of Greece will come. Before I leave, I will tell you what is written in The Book of Truth. No one is helping me in this battle except Michael, your prince. Years ago I took my stand to protect him.

"I tell you the truth. Three more kings will appear in Persia. The one who comes after will be far richer than all the others. He will use his wealth to gain power and stir everyone up against the kingdom of Greece. At that time, a mighty king will appear. He will rule with great power and do as he pleases. Once he is established, his kingdom will be broken up and sent in all directions. His descendants will not take his thrown. His kingdom will not have the power he had. His kingdom will be given to others.

"The king of the South will become strong, but one of his commanders will overtake his thrown and have great power. Some years later these two men will work together. The daughter of the king of the South will marry the king of the North to make an alliance, but she will lose her power.

"A man from her family line will rise up to take her place. He will attack the forces of the king of the North and enter his kingdom. His armies will take the gold and valuables to Egypt. The two countries will stop fighting for a time.

"But that is not the end. The king of the North will rise up. He and his sons will march like a roaring flood to the kingdom of the South. The northern army will fail and the kingdom of the South will become full of pride and go about killing thousands.

"Again this is not the end. After several years pass, the army of the North will be so angry they will raise up an even bigger army.

"At that time many will rise up against the kingdom of the South. The armies of the South will be powerless to resist the kingdom of the North. The king of the North will attempt to take over every country but fail. He will return to the north and not be heard from again.

There is more. Rest. Then I will tell you more.

This story continues next time.
1.  Who is speaking to Daniel?
2.  Where is the information taken from?
3.  What kingdoms will battle?
4.  How will this affect the world?
5.  Why do you think the angel told Daniel something that would happen in the future?

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