Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Darius-Deceived Into Harming Daniel

By Mary Vee
Daniel 6

From Darius' Chronicle

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My name is Darius, I am the king of many countries. Babylon has been recently added to my empire.

I moved into the palace in Babylon once the former king, Belshazzar had been eliminated.

I set up an order for the people. Three men served as administrators beneath me. Then 120 satraps served under those three men.

Daniel's work impressed me the most. He was an honest and hard worker. I guess I hadn't noticed the other's jealousy when I mentioned I would promote Daniel as the top administrator, but didn't think too much of it.

One day the administrators, except Daniel, and the satraps came to my chamber. They complimented me and came up with what seemed like a great plan. They suggested I write a decree that required people of the land to only pray to me and no one else. If anyone didn't obey, they were to be thrown in the lions' den. I must admit I was honored and agreed to it right away. I didn't think at all about possible problems. 

The next day, those same men came tattling to me saying Daniel had prayed to his God and therefore should be punished. They demanded I should have Daniel thrown in the lions' den immediately.

I couldn't believe their words. How could this happen? What kind of a king was I to allow the best worker in the whole kingdom to be thrown in the lions' den? My stomach ached. My head hurt. I felt sick and unable to think There had to be some way to save Daniel. 

But the men pestered me, reminding me of the law that demanded no exceptions. I turned away and gave the order. I had no other choice.

I couldn't watch the guards escort him there. I paced back and forth in my chamber then changed my mind. "Hurry, fetch me a chariot."  I rushed to the site just before the guards pushed him.

"Wait," I cried. I hurried to Daniel's side and said the only thing that came to my mind. "May your God, whom you serve continually rescue you!"

I meant those words with all my heart. I didn't know how any god could rescue someone from the lions' den, but if one could, it would be Daniel's God.

Daniel fell into the den. I couldn't watch. "Close it."

A rock was pushed over the opening. I followed the usual ceremony by sealing the opening with my signet ring. So did the nobles. No one could save Daniel now. Except, maybe his God.

I walked away, so very sad. I didn't want to speak to anyone.

A few of the satraps and administrators came close to me. There smug faces sickened me. They had set this up and I had fallen for their trap. Now everything must play. And I had no control.

Come back next time to see what happens.


1. Most of the questions for this story have been asked in the last post. Just one remains, how did Darius feel about what happened and why did he feel that way?

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