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Amy Carmichael-If She Accepted Christ She Would Be Killed

By Mary Vee
Year: Nov-December, 1895 
Amy Carmichael: 28 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael and I am so excited to be here in India. I am not yet at my destination. I'll be able to continue my journey in three weeks.

The missionary who met me at my ship said he needed someone to stay at his house while he was gone. He had a business trip and wanted someone to stay with his two daughters.

I thought it was a good idea. This would give me a chance to rest from the long ocean voyage before taking the train to the mission where I would work.

While at Mr. Arden's home, I used the time to learn as much about India as I could. I asked his daughters and anyone who would listen to my questions. I learned that one of Jesus' disciples, Thomas, was captured and sold as a slave. His owner brought him to India. While in India, Thomas was sold again to the king. Tomas was told to design buildings for the king. Every moment he could, Thomas told the king about the God who loved him. The king listened and soon asked Jesus into his heart.

I really loved hearing that story.

A week later, one of the missionary ladies came to me and said, "I have a problem. I wrote my missionary letter to those who support me back in England. In the letter I told them about a young Muslim girl who was very excited to learn about God. She even wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. When her brother heard her plan, he said he would kill her if she did.  The poor girl became so frightened of her family, she never asked Jesus to save her. 

"One of the supporters wrote me back. She said the story was much too sad to be in the newsletter. She asked me to only send stories with happy endings. Was I wrong? Should I change the endings?"

I couldn't believe I had actually heard such a question. "No, of course not. You need to report the truth to them. Let them know exactly what is happening. How else will they know the need for missionaries here?"

It wasn't much longer before I learned telling the truth, even among the Christian, was not the popular thing to do.

There is so much work that needs to be done here. People who truly love God, want to tell the truth, and want to help others learn about Him need to come.

Maybe you could be a missionary. Have you though about it?

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